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saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review

Posted by jb welda 
jb welda
saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 24, 2006 01:21AM
saturday night the 19 broadway in fairfax hosted wadi gad and winston jarrett, both backed by jahbandis.

thats correct, both backed by jahbandis, which is wadi's outfit. but wadi didnt touch the drums this night, he was a solo performer opening the show and then playing some percussions and background vocals for jarretts set. wadi has come a long way as a singer and his set was tight and nice, well received by the less than capacity crowd at the club.

but the treat of the night was winston jarrett who remains one of the nicest and most gracious people on the reggae scene. of course he came with all his studio one tracks and more up to the current day, and also a little history lesson for those not in the know about who this man is and what his position in the reggae world ought to be. he mentioned a couple times growing up with bob marley...its kind of ironic that the next day the chronicle ran an ad announcing a second show being added at the warfield for damian marley and yet a man like winston jarrett, truly from the root of bob, couldnt sell out a small venue like this. oh well i guess he just doesnt cater to the hip hop crowd enough.

anyway, it was a very enjoyable night, the band was good, winstons voice was solid, wadi put on a good set and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves (with the possible exception of the soundman who appeared to be having a spaz attack when winston started another song at 1:48 AM), so what more can you ask for?

fourtwentyplenty proved it; poppatop skanked to it; jah bill recorded it; and there you have it. you folks up north be sure to support this rastaman and check his show when it comes your way. you wont regret it.

one love
jah bill
Re: saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 24, 2006 03:01AM
Nice review Bill. Thanks for the kind words about Winston. Truly a wonderful person to be around. For those who don't know Winston has a double CD released on Young Tree Records that features a lot of unreleased material as well as a disc of previously released stuff. Last night I got to hang out with he and Wadi until 8AM talking about the old days. I've never had a chance to hang with Wadi before that and he is a great guy. He had nothing but great words for you and Warren and Gretchen and the Sierra Nevada family. Man I love hearing the stories. Nuff respect to Winston and the trendsetters of the rocksteady era. Nuff great harmonies and groovy tunes.

Re: saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 24, 2006 04:44AM
you sure know i would if i could, jb. maybe you could forward the niceness my way for having missed out?! i'll return in kind, just name your favor.


Re: saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 24, 2006 06:07PM
Good one JB.....!

Winston Jarrett has probably seen a lot of things in reggae history. Artists like him, it would be great to document some of his stories :-)

Hopefully more and more people will get a chance to catch him on this tour.
He has some seriously fine songs credited to his name --- I really enjoy some of his 'remakes' of his classic tunes,,, some of which can be found on excellent releases like Kingston Vibration, Too Many Boundaries and Solid Foundation (all three are not that tough to find either.)

Last thing, Winston Jarrett, the times we ran into him, he was one of the nicest and more helpful artists that I can recall.

The best goes out to guys like that!

Dadi Digi
Re: saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 24, 2006 08:49PM
I think Winstons last LP for Coxsone was indeed one of the last productions coxsone was involved in putting together before his passing away. A nice LP it is too.
Re: saturday night with winston jarrett, a short review
January 25, 2006 02:50AM
Yeah Wadi didn't play drums at my show in Big Bear either. I and others were a bit dissapointed. He said it had something to do with letting his bredren on drums have the experience. I figuered he was just spread a little to thin with the tour and all. The show was still very crucial. And people, Winston's new double disc is mashin!!!!!! Lots of stuff with the wailers. I was stoked with every song. Please do yourselves a fav and buy this one. A must for any good collection. Winston blessed me with 1 the day of the show at my lodge, and i havent stopped listening to it yet!!!!!!!!!! Mos def check it out! Thanks again Winston and Wadi!!!!!!!! Max respect everytime, much love and blessing to you.

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