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VI Artists to Perform at World Social Forum in Venezuela

Posted by selam 
VI Artists to Perform at World Social Forum in Venezuela
January 25, 2006 03:09AM

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Selamawit Desta, Public Relations, I Grade Records
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Websites: www.igraderecords.com and www.viroots.com

VI Reggae Artists to Perform at World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela

Date: 1/23/06

Two VI Reggae artists – NiyoRah and Abja – have been given the honor of performing live at the World Social Forum in Caracas, Venezuela on January 28, 2006. The World Social Forum is an international gathering of over 2,500 different grass-roots social movements, human rights groups and non-governmental organization (NGO’s).

Fresh off of their performances at the First Annual Winter Reggae in Paradise Festival at Cramer’s Park, St. Croix on January 8th, 2006, NiyoRah and Abja will now have the opportunity to share their music and messages with an even wider audience at this year’s World Social Forum. Approximately 200,000 people from around the world are expected to attend this year’s World Social Forum.

Nigel “NiyoRah” Olivacce of Savan, St. Thomas is a singer/chanter who has been performing and recording reggae music since the age of 18. A member of St. Thomas’ reggae super group, the Star Lion Family, NiyoRah has released one solo album, “A Different Age,” on I Grade Records, with his follow up album, “Purification Session” to be released in March 2006. Jaleel “Abja” Saleem of Princess, St. Croix recently relocated back home to St. Croix after spending several years in NYC performing at a wide range of venues. Abja has also released one album on I Grade Records, “Inna Red I Hour”, with his follow-up album, “Mahogany Road,” to be released in March 2006.

NiyoRah and Abja were selected to perform at this year's World Social Forum by forum organizers who were present at their performances during I Grade Records’ Summer Tour 2005 that featured four different VI reggae artists – NiyoRah, Army, Abja and Ancient King. That tour stopped in 15 different cities across the US and played to packed house-shows at nearly every venue. The World Social Forum representatives were impressed by NiyoRah and Abja’s conscious messages of natural living, truth, rights and justice. According to World Social Forum organizer, Katia Lahey, “We are so honored to be facilitating this gathering of today’s most innovative reggae artists and Jah’s messenger’s of Truth for the sixth people’s summit of the World Social Forum this coming January. We feel particularly blessed by the presence of all St. Croix artists, social justice advocators and agitators, inspirers, and channelers, and continue to give thanks as the organization of this event unfolds.”

NiyoRah and Abja will be backed by St. Croix’s Red I Band – the backing band for artists on the recording label, I Grade Records. Red I band-leader and I Grade Records CEO, Laurent “Tippy” Alfred says, “This invitation to perform at this year’s World Social Forum is an honor because of the significance of the gathering of so many committed social justice activists from around the world. This opportunity resonates with our mission which is to use our music as a spark for positive change and healing in peoples lives and in our communities.”

The World Social Forum is an annual event that takes place in a different country every year. This is the sixth year that the Forum has been in existence; it was born out of a people’s counter-summit to the world’s most powerful neo-liberal economic institutions in 1999, in the spirit of cultivating a grassroots-based network of civil society organized and powerful enough to create alternatives to the imperialist model being put forth by the institutional powers of the world. It is at the World Social Forum where such visions, alternatives, methodology, and strategy of NGO and grassroots-based social movements are shared, debated, built upon, critiqued, and celebrated, where social movements and initiatives are consolidated, and consciousness raised. The Culture Commission of the World Social Forum have prepared a Reggae Festival as part of the Forum’s activities that will involve 15 different reggae bands from across Latin America and the Caribbean.

For more information on the Niyorah, Abja and I Grade Records, log onto [www.igraderecords.com] or [www.viroots.com].

For more information on the World Social Forum, log onto [www.worldsocialforum.org]

papa ray
Re: VI Artists to Perform at World Social Forum in Venezuela
January 25, 2006 03:20AM
Oh well, the V.I. guys probably were not waiting for that White House gig
anyway, true??
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