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JA stageshow info.

Posted by rastaheart 
JA stageshow info.
January 28, 2006 05:04PM

greetings massive-

my friend will be in the yard for the first time in late Febuary.

wondering if anyone can provide news on a nice stageshow being planned?

he will travel far and wide for the roots man vibe that the island brings with such niceness.

any news would be a blessing.

give thanks for LIFE....everytime!

see you guys in Angles Camp

Re: JA stageshow info.
January 28, 2006 06:43PM
not this year--- angels camp that is
Re: JA stageshow info.
January 28, 2006 07:33PM
what is the new location?
Re: JA stageshow info.
January 29, 2006 05:59AM
Sadly, Luciano has decided not to produce his annual Black History Month Show this year. It is normally in February. When we spoke a few weeks ago he said he hopes to do it again in 2007.

As far as shows in yard, many are around Bob's birthday. I will see if I can find out if there is anything late in the month.

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