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Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's

Posted by selektah twice 
Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's
January 28, 2006 05:35PM
"Bob Marley once said that Dennis Brown was his favorite artist, So if the king is telling you the crown prince is the best, who's really the king"?

- From Selektah Twice interview on VP Records 25th Anniversary DVD.

"When Tubby's mixes it feels like a Sledgehammer is hitting you over your ******* head.

- Niney on Tubby's mixing skills.

"Deep Down With Dennis Brown" was released here in the U.S by VP Records in 1976. Niney originally intended for it's somewhat dub companion "Sledgehammer Dub" to be released with the vocal LP as a double album. Ms. Pat at the time was not too keen about releasing a double LP. You can't blame her, it was after all 30 years ago. 500 copies of "Sledgehammer Dub" were pressed on blank labels in the UK and the album quickly disappered. Thanks to David Katz and the folks at Motion, Sledgehammer dub reappeared a few years ago. Although I don't own an original copy of "Deep Down", I thought to myself "Hold up I think I just might have all of the tunes on the original album scattered around in my collection............... I did. Some on 45, some on other LP's, and some on
various collections. So guys after 30 long years here is the undisputed classic in all of it's glory. Vocal and Dub. Enjoy. And yes DENNIS BROWN IS THE KING OF REGGAE. Listen to this & Buy Penny Reel's "Deep Down" book if you need any convincing. Real music lover's don't allow money and marketing cover the facts.

Dennis Brown & King Tubby Sledgehammer Special

Produced By Niney / Backed By The Soul Syndicate
Compiled By Selektah Twice (Kevlartone Sound) NYC


01 So Long Rastafari
02 Dub Long Rastafari
03 Travelling Man
04 Travelling Version
05 You're No Good
06 You're No Dub Baby
07 Voice Of My Father
08 Burning Dub
09 Open The Gate
10 Kingsgate Version
11 Go Now
12 Dub Now
13 God Bless Our Souls
14 God Bless My Dub
15 Why Must I
16 Everyone Is Dubbing
17 If Your Rich Help The Poor
18 Rich And Poor Dub
19 Tribulation
20 Tribulation Version
21 My Time
22 Head Line
23 Give A Helping Hand
24 New Style
25 Rock It With Me
26 Dub 51
Re: Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's
January 28, 2006 06:00PM
Thanks for making it available! But...the site tells me:
<<Too many users downloading right now. Please try again later.>>
I'll attempt it in an hour.
Re: Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's
January 28, 2006 08:35PM
WHAT!! thanks mon!!!!!!
each and every time.-
The man
Re: Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's
January 29, 2006 02:27PM
Well Selektah, there never was an album called 'Deep Down With Dennis Brown'; this is the title of my book on the singer. An LP called merely 'Deep Down' was released in Jamaica in late 1976 and I got my copy of the LP in January 1977. The dub of the album, called 'Sledgehammer Dub In The Streets Of Jamaica', was issued a good nine months before 'Deep Down' in Spring 1976. I remember paying a visit to Ital Records when all 500 copies were stored on the premises and picking up mine there and then. The record was put out by Niney, Castro Brown and Lloydie Coxsone and it was these three men who sold it. The dub set was in fact more common than the vocal, which had disappeared from the London shops within a month.

Penny Reel
Re: Dennis Brown Gets Sledgehammered By Tubby's
January 20, 2014 06:16AM
Re-up link for anyone who is interested:
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