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Winston Jarrett and Wadi Gad at Studio Z SF tonite

Posted by Rabz 
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Winston Jarrett and Wadi Gad at Studio Z SF tonite
January 31, 2006 05:28AM
Haven't seen this club date mentioned ANYWHERE in SNWMF message board. No mention of it in Young Tree Records' Wadi/Jarrett tour schedule either. Just checked Studio Z calendar and it looks like it's happening tonight at their Mon. night Club Dread. www.studioz.tv/events/clubdread013006

If you haven't yet caught this show last week in the Bay Area, it's absolutely Dynamite! Ditto JB's thread: Sat. night w/Winston Jarrett, a short review. They delighted and captivated the Fairfax crowd at 19 Broadway with their energizing conscious vibes and their exhilarating performance. Would love to catch their act again tonite at Club Z.... The show starts in just one hour!!

Ditto, RasSmoka, on your comment re: Winston's new double disc, "Survival is the Game". Fantastic collection of his classic tunes plus many previously unreleased tracks. Like you, I haven't stopped listening to it yet! Also, great liner notes by Harrison Stafford: "Many of the tracks on this album have not been available for the last ten or even twenty plus years. The originals had been lost in a series of studio power games, fires and a general lack of foresight on the side of the producers as to the magnitude and staying power of the music." Right on, Mr. Stafford!

In the 3rd Ed. of the "Rough Guide to Reggae" (pub. Aug 2004), the authors distinguished Winston Jarrett as a "seriously underrated but prolific singer.... has the ability to fashion songs from everyday incidents, grounded in ghetto knowledge." The authors also lamented that there was an "absence of a truly comprehensive collection of Winston's 1970s singles..." Now, thanks to Young Tree Records, this collection exists. Jah Bless!

Also not to be missed is Wadi Gad's new CD: "Give Love a Try". Sweet,
sweet sounds from this incredible performer (remniscent of a Gregory Issacs-type crooner, but with more meat on his bones). A genuinely charming man, his essence is splendidly captured on the album's title song as well as "Wolf", "Gideon Red", and my favorite,"Jah Children". The tune which REALLY caught me by surprise was written by Jr. Toots and performed by him and Wadi, "Stronga". Intense and intriguing, their wild rantings are interjected with random primitive sounds that only be described as MANIACAL! Would love to see Wadi and Jr. Toots do this one on stage sometime. It would be a Killer performance!

Much love and blessings to Winston and Wadi and the folks at Young Tree Records for this memorable reggae experience!

Rabz (aka Reggae Rabbit)
jb welda
Re: Winston Jarrett and Wadi Gad at Studio Z SF tonite
January 31, 2006 06:08AM
this is the first i heard of this show though studio z is mentioned here once in a while.

so it looks like this date and this saturday at ashkenaz are added to winston and wadi's tour.

i will make it saturday but too late on this one.

one love
jah bill
Re: Winston Jarrett and Wadi Gad at Studio Z SF tonite
January 31, 2006 06:20AM
Hey JB,
if you're gonna be at that Ashkenaz show I should see you there, it's my friend's birthday that night so we're planning on checking it out. Will also get you those cd's I've been meaning to get you. Peace

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Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
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