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A Grand Revelation-Havasupai and Rastafar-I

Posted by The man 
The man
A Grand Revelation-Havasupai and Rastafar-I
January 31, 2006 08:37PM
Brother Ricky and I began our nine mile trek into the Grand Canyon with the evening stars and full moon as our guides. The early morning sun promised a spectacular arrival against the canyon walls. A beautiful wash of golden light against ferrous rock would temporarily distract us from the weight of our packs which were heavily laden with water in preparation for unearthly high temperatures. In just a few hours, we would arrive in the sacred land of the Havasupai Indians, a Native American tribe known as the "people of the blue green waters." We chose to visit on one of the hottest week-ends of the year because of the annual Peach Festival celebration, originally recognized as a time of harvest. Now, more modern threats have inspired the collective efforts of several tribe members called "The Caretakers of the Grand Canyon" to fight the insidious threats of American government agencies. Uncle Sam is earnestly trying to reclaim the mineral rights of the reservation so that uranium mining can proceed without distraction. The Peach Festival is a time for Havasupai people to speak out in unity for the protection of their sacred land, a place where their spiritual life and connection to Mother Earth can remain intack. The history of colonial rule and white supremacy has nearly erased any chance for an extended future. Native Americans are still being lied to and tricked by the twisted tongues of politicians.

Four hours after our initial descent, Brother Ricky defined the Havasupai mile as "the more you walk, the further it gets." Soon, we approached the outskirts of Supai. Bubbling a coke bottle blue beside the dusty path, Havasu Creek materializes like a mirage, playing havoc between a burning desire to strip down for a crisp swim or trodding onward to our cherished destination. Melodies of rushing water soothed the morning heat and chorteled past with a freshness and clarity rarely seen even in the wild. We crossed a small wooden bridge as Native American men on horses, carefully checked out the rastaman and his lengthy dreadlocks flowing out of a straw cowboy hat. Welcome to Havasupai.

Sista Irie
Re: A Grand Revelation-Havasupai and Rastafar-I
January 31, 2006 08:43PM

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