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2006 snwmf location

Posted by Daren 
2006 snwmf location
February 02, 2006 02:54AM
I´ve been out of the loop has snwmf choosen a 2006 location? This email is a bit late but I thought I would comment being I haven´t heard of a resolution yet. How did one sheriff dennis going down downum (with one term left) and a few other calaveras county community members, fair managers, all pressured by downum run sierra nevada out of town? It is a small somewhat conservative county which can be easily manipulated politically, if where not on our toes. Downun and his cronnies do not represent the entire political/community body of calaveras and neighboring counties. However, Downum will follow his own agenda if were not watching. This is what seems like happened last year in calaveras. Sherriff downum came in with is gustapo force messing everything up cause that´s what he does if he doesn´t like the culture. And we all heard he doesn´t need some dirty drug using marin kids in calaveras, or something to that nature. That statement alone shows where downum is operating from. However, the sherrif doesn´t run the county but sometimes thinks so. A much greater force of political and community members beleive in sierrra nevada and calaveras as an excellent location for this festival, at the heart of the sierra nevada foothills with unlimited potential for growth and community. Sitting between tahoe and yosemite just three hours from the entire greater bay area (san francisco and monterey). I don´t know the current options but if they aren´t great which seems to be an isssue so far then one highly conservative gustapo sherriff sure shouldn´t run rasta out of this town.

blessed love from mountain lion calaveras home grown

Re: 2006 snwmf location
February 02, 2006 03:14AM
Someone told me Downum's retiring after 06 anyway. Having had a conversation with the man at length about SNWMF,I don't think he's really a man of ill-intent. I just think he is extremley ignorant, and at times he basically admitted so himself (re: his "dope smoking hippies from marin" comment, among others.) Peace

Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
Irie Sounds International
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