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ghetto story

Posted by TR-808 
ghetto story
February 03, 2006 10:23PM


jb welda
poor man story
February 03, 2006 10:51PM
double boom

one love
jah bill
bible story
February 03, 2006 10:53PM

1986 "Deejay of the Year"

Re: ghetto story
February 03, 2006 11:04PM
No, its not broom in my hand.

Re: ghetto story
February 03, 2006 11:07PM
we got the tings dem, the whole ah dem a duck now
Re: ghetto story
February 03, 2006 11:41PM
Here is a likkle Baby Cham Xacto remix...

Letter TO JP
Re: ghetto story
February 03, 2006 11:43PM
Straight Outta Eastside
Dubwize from Salinas.

Dubwize looks to the band’s roots in East Salinas for their musical inspiration.
Over the last couple of years, the Salinas reggae band, Dubwize, has played some big shows. Last summer, the group opened for what seems like almost every important contemporary reggae act, including Midnite, Culture, Burning Spear, Israel Vibration and Yellow Man. summer,2004 the band performed at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival in Angel’s Camp, Ca., with artists like Burning Spear, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Femi Kuti and Maxi Priest. And the band has played the 5,000-square-foot main room in the Catalyst in Santa Cruz six times.
Last week, as the band practiced in a friend’s house in East Salinas, Dubwize was far from those spacious stages. Crammed into a tiny 10-foot-by-10-foot room, five of the band’s eight regular members and a three-person horn section ) practiced for the band’s upcoming shows among boxes of equipment and random junk, like a lamp without a light bulb or lampshade. Whenever the trombone player fully extended his instrument’s sliding bar, he was forced to face the floor to avoid hitting any of the other musicians.

Despite the incredibly small practice space, the band was focused on the task at hand: fine-tuning the ending of a dub reggae instrumental called “La Perla
This time, the band nails the ending as the drums, bass and keyboards meld perfectly into a powerful close.
Before launching into their next song, titled “Love,” Lujan starts talking about how the avocados in Puerto Rico are much bigger than the California version of the fruit. For Dubwize, which spent three weeks touring around the island and performing February, 2004 their trip to Puerto Rico is a favorite topic of conversation during practice.

After the short and long super irie smoke out the drummer Rasta Jon taps his drum sticks together, and the bands starts playing the catchy reggae original. A couple of minutes later, the tune turns into Bob Marley’s “No Woman, No Cry,” with the lyric “in the getto hoods in Salinas” substituted for Marley’s lyric about Trenchtown. Then, in the unadorned white room, Lujan delved into a few minutes of Rick James’ “Mary Jane” before steering the band back into “Love.”

The short detour into Rick James territory is proof that the band is more than just a reggae group. In concert, Dubwize and a constantly changing group of guest musicians are known to play hip-hop and some kinds of jazzy rock dubs but very soulfull in addition to dub reggae, roots reggae and dancehall reggae.

“We’re not just a reggae band,”. “We’re homeboys first friend and famaily
and then we hang out then get in the van start talkin **** to each other and the road party on and only then the (I.D) of band come in to play thats it! whose members are all from East Salinas, started playing music together in 1997. Their first gig was at the Firehouse Recreation Center on East Alisal. Lujan and Sagrero

Though one might not associate reggae music with Salinas, the band says there is a reggae scene in the city but in the 80's late salinas was kickin roots allover town lowriders been playing reggae in there rides forever rockin the bass line box's inda trunks we were rockin M.I.R IN 1986 in our cars on sunday nite's i've seen lots of people come an go back then we were allway's hoping to see M.I.R BUT time takes over but very happy to know that thing are in place now again it's what they say is what people are tuning in too it's the good an bad the current gang warfare problem in Salinas to the rough atmosphere in Trenchtown, a slum in Kingston, Jamaica where Bob Marley grew up.

, the violent climate of East Salinas ends up being fodder for their original reggae songs and just jammin out thinking about the things that happin last night down the street .

“For me, I write about how it is growing up,” Lujan says. “About the struggle.”

the violence in East Salinas gives the band plenty to write about.

“We have terrorists and 10,000 or more gang member in the street here, the members of Dubwize look forward to getting into a studio sometime soon when they can scrape together the money and time for recording. If they are able to create a recording with the energy of their live show, this Salinas reggae group will no longer have to practice in a room the size of a big closet.

Dubwize will be performing

Straight Outta Eastside
By Stuart Thornton
[Dubwize brings a Trenchtown sound from Salinas.

Re: ghetto story
February 04, 2006 02:43PM
the pinchers is topa top toooo
Re: ghetto story
February 04, 2006 06:25PM
"when mi an' mama bed was jus' a big piece o' foam...rrrrrraaaa, rrrraaaa"
Re: ghetto story
February 04, 2006 08:41PM
I moved a couple of blocks west and now live in "downtown" Salinas over looking China Town. But still I know, there is no place like home...East Side Salinas

Re: ghetto story
February 05, 2006 01:31AM

hey bunny!

nice to "see" you again.. m says she still sees you and all is well

don't suppose you'd be down this way in late june?

thanks for the tune too...........

Re: ghetto story
February 05, 2006 07:10PM
Hey Solid-Er, would love to go but not sure it is a good idea with an infant. Maybe if I floss it inna RV.
Re: ghetto story
February 05, 2006 07:21PM
Yes Joshua, that Pinchers is tuff!

nobody mentioned the Yellowman on that Eighty Five riddim...

Thats the cut.
Re: ghetto story
February 05, 2006 07:26PM
Oh, there it is in another thread...

Yellowman back Y2K6
Author: Yasus (---.bas502.dsl.esat.net)
Date: 02-05-06 09:08

Re: ghetto story
February 05, 2006 09:15PM

wicked, thanks again bunny

i was sort of kidding about you making the scene (of course it would be great if you made it but knowing your new position was thinking long longshot at best!)

Re: ghetto story
February 19, 2006 08:57PM

cham up to #3 in this week's JA chart.. and still climbing

Re: ghetto story
March 13, 2006 08:08PM

and there it goes... up to #1

by Richie B - host of "HOT MIX" on HOT 102 FM - JAMAICA
March 10, 2006

Radio: Weekly Countdown with Richie B Fridays 4:15pm to 5:00pm on Hot 102 FM
Print: Published weekly in X-News
TV: The Top 10 of this chart is presented on TVJ's Entertainment Report (ER) - Fridays at 8:00pm
TV: The Top 5 of this chart is presented by Quizz on RE:TV weekly


01 2 8 Ghetto Story-Baby Cham- Mad House (1Wk@#1) U-1
02 1 16 Mama Don't Cry-Gyptian-No Doubt Records ( 2Wks@1)D-1
03 3 17 Bun Him-Macka Diamond & Black-er-Big Yard (4Wks@1NM
04 4 18 Plead My Cause-Junior X-Herbs House NM
05 6 5 Toppa Tings-Capleton-Don Corleon U-1
06 5 19 Not Going Down-Busy Signal- Renaissance Records (pp#4)
07 8 8 Hotta-T.O.K feat. Maestro- B-Rich U-1
08 13 6 Gangster Rock-Elephant Man-Birchill Records U-4
09 10 9 Love What You Got-Guidance- Brown Brothers U-1
10 11 8 Do You Know-Mr.Vegas-Fiwi Music D-1
11 7 15 Taxi Fare Vegas & Lexus - B- Rich (pp#3) D-4
12 15 7 Please Stop The Killing-Hit List-Fouta/Gogan Music U-3
13 19 3 Bad Out Deh-Alozade/ Kiprich / Chico-B-Rich U-6
14 9 27 Far From Reality-Natural Black-Don Corleon (2wks@1) D-5
15 17 6 Come Again-Beenie Man-Don Corleon U-2
16 12 25 Wild 2 Nite- Shaggy & Olivia-Big Yard (1wk@1) D-4
17 21 5 Youths Are So Cold-Richie Spice-Massive B U-4
18 20 6 More Love- Mr. Vegas -Q-45 U-2
19 14 14 Woman Tings-Ce'Cile- B-Rich (pp#9) D-5
20 16 24 Money In My Pocket-George Nooks&Beenie Man-Tads Int.Rec.(pp#6) D-4
21 24 3 Any Where We Go-Assassin-Mad House U-3
22 27 2 We Set The Trend-Beenie Man-John John U-5
23 18 24 Step Out -Busy Signal-Gravi-T (1wk@1) D-5
24 22 22 Tell Me How Come-Morgan Heritage-Don Corleon (2wks@1)
25 25 13 Khaki Suit-Junior Gong/Bounty Killa/ Eeka Mouse-Tuff Gong (pp#12) NM
26 29 2 The Prayer (Oh Lord)-Little Hero-Inspire U-3
27 - New Nuh Badda Mi-Mr. Perfect-Pure And Clean
28 23 7 Thanks And Praise-Fantan Mojah-Don Corleon (pp#23) D-5
29 - New Nuh Fren Mate-Macka Diamond-B-Rich
30 - New Get Crazy - Voice Mail - Birchill Records

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