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Welton Irie

Posted by sideways 
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Welton Irie
February 05, 2006 02:21AM
anyone have or have listened to these ablums?
how would you rate them?

welton irie
ghettoman corner
#LP 013044
Record date : 1977

Playlist :
Jah A Come
Mr Irie
Girls Up To Date
Big Apple
From Africa To Jamaica
Reggae International
Ghetto Man Corner
Plane Flight
Big Hips Girls
Rolling Stones

Producer : Glen Brown

Mixing Engineer : King Tubby

Vocals : Welton Irie
Drums : Fish Clarke &Santa Davis &Carlton Barrett
Bass : Val Douglas &Lloyd Parks &Jackie Jackson
Guitar : Willie Lindo &Michael Chung &Bo Peep &Glen Brown
Keyboards : Gladstone Anderson &Wire Lindo &Winston Wright
Saxophone : Tommy McCook
Percussions : Skully &Bongo Herman

Studios :
Recording : King Tubby's (Kingston, JA) &Randy's (Kingston, JA) &Harry J (Kingston, JA) &Federal (Kingston, JA)


Hitbound - #JJ 086

#JJ 086
Record date : 197X

Playlist :
Obeah Man
Mr. Irie
Guns Out A Hand
The Almighty
Come Me Just A Come
Dj Connection
You I Love

Mixing Engineer : Scientist
Recording Engineer : Soljie Hamilton

Producer : Niney &Joseph Hoo Kim

Vocals : Welton Irie
Backing Band : The Roots Radics
Drums : Style Scott
Bass : Flabba Holt
Guitar : Bingy Bunny &Dwight Pickney
Keyboards : Steele
Horns Backing Band : The Eradication Squad
Percussions : Sky Juice Blake

Studios :
Recording : Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Channel One (Kingston, JA)

It Feels So Good

Joe Gibbs - #JGML 6043

Joe Gibbs - #JGML 6043

Joe Gibbs
#JGML 6043
Record date : 1980

Playlist :
Cocks Man
Juck Pon Truck
Juck Out The Bed
Adam And Eve
Fishie Anniversary
Tan Tedy Little Gal
Toilet Sex
Sex Machine

Producer : Joe Gibbs &Errol Thompson

Engineer : Errol Thompson

Vocals : Welton Irie
Drums : Sly Dunbar &Mikey Boo Richards
Bass : Lloyd Parks
Guitar : Bo Peep &Willie Lindo
Piano : Franklyn Bubbler Waul
Organ : Winston Wright
Trombone : Nambo Robinson
Saxophone : Dean Fraser
Trumpet : David Madden
Percussions : Ruddy Thomas

Studios :
Recording : Joe Gibbs (Kingston, JA)


Army Life


Record date : 1982

Playlist :
Army Life
Some A Holla Some A Bawl
Wife & Sweetheart
Mr. Irie
Jah So Real
Herb Farm
Only Me
Put It Down
Life Story

Producer : Clive Jarrett &Lone Ranger

Studios :
Channel One (Kingston, JA)
Re: Welton Irie
February 05, 2006 04:53AM
Hah, that third one (Joe Gibbs) is peeeeer slackness. Almost a homage to his sparring partner Echo who died that same year...
Not a huge Welton fan myself, but anything on Channel One is worth a look see.

Re: Welton Irie
February 05, 2006 05:36AM
does it throw it down the same style in all, or does he mix it up?
(taken that, i know they are years apart.) & everybodys' heard the lambsbread.
i just wondering if same riddims like that or slow/?