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Anyone heard this ?

Posted by jahboo 
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Anyone heard this ?
February 06, 2006 04:54PM
Wailers - Ark of the Covenant 40th Anni Set released by Bunny Wailer ... just wondering what is on the 6 discs ?
jb welda
Re: Anyone heard this ?
February 06, 2006 04:58PM
same old same old plus spoken dialogue from bunny wailers talking about the wailers and their history. from what i understand no new or unreleased music.

one love
jah bill
Re: Anyone heard this ?
February 06, 2006 08:20PM
This is true, it is Bunny's view of the Wailer's history viewed thru carrott colored lenses, the discs with music are nothing you cannot get on discs like One Love on Heartbeat. I was really surprised to hear bunny praise the name of teacher Joe Higgs on this disc, after hearing him curse him at Roger Steffens reggae exhibit at the Queen Mary ( I am glad I didn't take him past where LSP had defaced some Wailers LPs and crossed Jah B's name out) . Well, which is it? I frankly cannot believe Bunny anymore when he claims he wrote Dreamland, which has now been discovered that the song was actually written by someone else and was originally titled My Dream Island (The information on this is in Roger Steffens Wailers Discography) I love Jah B's music but he credibility is showing through.....
Unless you are a must have Wailers completeist, I'd avoid this and if you see Bunny ask him to release the OLD FIRE STICKS biography (which Reggae fans were told was forthcoming and awaited for years.) If he is truly serious about letting the truth be known and to correct years of misinformation, then he might find a way to let it come out properly not on an 8 disc set with no new rarities and just someone narrating with sound effects, it might have made a better DVD.