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Help with bob marley video

Posted by gun papa 
Help with bob marley video
February 07, 2006 07:30AM
Thank you for your patience. I had this documentary on tape at one time and somehow lost it. I don't remember the name. Maybe you can help by my description.

I can be very specific about it. These by memory are not in order.

1. It featured a daylight close up, live of No woman no cry. Bob rubbing his dread over his eyes.
2.Interviews with bobs mom, friend and albulm cover designer nevielle Garret, Joe higgs, peter tosh, bunny wailer, Judy mowatt, Chris Blackwell,
3. Studio "Bad Card" live
4. Bob telling his story about being shot.
5. Bob and I threes live "War" after being shot". Incredibly powerful. Bob shows bullet wound to crowd.
6. Live "Old Gray Whistle Test" performances "Concrete Jungle" and "Stir it Up".
7. Black and white Live "Slave Driver"
8. Bobs Funeral procession. The crowds of people.
9. Several shots of video of the Orthodox funeral and the truck carrying the casket breaking down.
10. Video of the studio performance "Natty Dread"

The name of this great film would be deeply appreciated
Re: Help with bob marley video
February 07, 2006 09:32AM
Dis is the ONE my friend! Enjoy!!! It is a fine video collection. Bless
Originally released as a compilation of 13 videos on gold-certified VHS, the DVD release new contains a 90-minute documentary title "Time Will Tell".
The videos include live performances of "Jamming", "I Shot The Sheriff", and "Exodus", along with videos of collected footage from the years of "Is This Love", "Redemption Song" and One Love/People Get Ready", the later with a cameo appearance by Sir Paul McCartney. The documentary also originally released separately on gold-certified VHS, is a cinematic biography celebrating the life and legacy of this revolutionary artist. Throughout this definitive look into Marley's charismatic life are the songs "Get Up Stand Up", "Trenchtown Rock" and "No Woman No Cry" to name a few.

Included as a special feature is a Personal Playlist option, where the viewer has the option of choosing the sequencing they want to view the videos. Included with this option are the 13 videos from the original VHS line-up on Legend and also 10 additional songs taken from the documentary "Time Will Tell".

1. Want More
2. Is This Love
3. Jamming
4. Could You Be Loved
5. No Woman No Cry
6. Stir It Up
7. Get Up Stand Up
8. Staisfy My Soul
9. I Shot The Sheriff
10. Buffalo Soldier
11. Exodus
12. Redemption Song
13. One Love / People Get Ready

Time Will Tell -- 90 Minute Documentary

Bonus Selections:
14. Concrete Jungle -- Live on BBC Television 1973
15. Them Belly Full -- Live at Exeter, 1976 and Rainbow Theatre, 1976
16. Forever Loving Jah -- Rehearsal, Kingston, 1980 17. I Shot The Sheriff -- Live in California, 1979 and Germany, 1980
18. War -- Live in Germany, 1980 and at the Rainbow Theatre, 1976
19. Revolution -- Rehearsal, Kingston, 1980
20. Zimbabwe -- Independence Day Celebrations, 1980
21. Redemption Son -- Jamaica, 1980
22. Natural Mystic -- Live, unknown date
23. Get Up Stand Up -- Live, unknown date

to buy = [www.elusivedisc.com]

Re: Help with bob marley video
February 07, 2006 12:53PM
The documentary you're looking for is Carribbean Nights. Available on the two-disc version of the Live at the Rainbow DVD.

Re: Help with bob marley video
February 07, 2006 06:07PM
Actually, I think you speak of Bob Marley Story (1991) I have this one on VHS. It is great!

Re: Help with bob marley video
February 21, 2006 11:41AM
yes, that was it caribbean nights. got it $8 delivered from ebay. thanks again. papa
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