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Mt Nebo News

Posted by Ras_Adam_Simeon 
Mt Nebo News
February 07, 2006 12:12PM
Greetings Music Loving Family,

We hope that February finds you with vision, health, strength and
motivation. It has been a pleasure serving and providing you with some of
the most provocative music of our times. The Year 2006 will only improve
on what we have offered since our start in 2002.

On this day, February 6, 2006, the Earth Day of the Honorable Robert
Nesta Marley, we offer the first album of 2006,
"Black Culture - Lion's Den Adversity"

Black Culture's first introduction to the reggae loving world was his
song "Haile I Selassie I" on the popular 2005 compilation "Talkin' Roots
II." Black Culture also appeared on the highly spirited 2005 Talkin'
Roots Tour which also featured the phenomenal Lady Passion, Ijah Menelik,
Ras Bumpa and Pressure all backed by the Bambu Station Band.

"Lion's Den Adversity" is a testament of struggle and triumph in the
darkest of times in one solitary life. Beautifully couched in the most
fundamental of roots music, Black Culture's lyrical acumen, substance
and perspective comes forward as both refreshing and interesting. His
beautiful voice and soulful singing style invites listeners to visit the
repeat button very often. We feel very honored to offer the "Lion's Den
Adversity." Produced by the Bambu Station, this debut album is a great
offering to lovers of good ole roots music!

For more information on Black Culture, please visit our 'Poet's Corner'
at www.mtneborecords.com. We wish you prosperous health.

featuring Pressure, Ijah Menelik, Lady Passion, Ras Bumpa & Black
Culture with Child of Project Groundation and
Bambu Station.

Thu., 9th Feb. - Cafe U-Turn, U Street N.W., Washington, D.C.

Mt. Nebo Records
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