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Delroy Wilson in Soho

Posted by The man 
The man
Delroy Wilson in Soho
February 07, 2006 04:22PM
London Soho Gossips

The small but spirited songbird that pours its soul abroad in such an ecstasy tonight has all manner of technical mishap with which to contend before its transcendental moment is realised.

The Cool Operator is a duly appropriate nomenclature for Delroy Wilson's unhurried style. His whole delivery remains poised no matter whatever breathless vocal pitch he maintains and he emerges from the most emotive of lyrics without fluster.

Backing outfit Thunder, Lightning And Rain settle into the rock steady groove of 'True Believer' and with a wide acknowledging smile and unmistakeable air of presence, the Cool Operator strides onstage to sing the song of that name. The accompanying female harmony trio are perhaps not as well rehearsed as they might be, though they serve ably on the expectant build up top 'I'm Still Waiting' and coo pleasingly in the background in counterpoint to the singer's gruff reading of the song.

He performs 'Dancing Mood', 'Have Some Mercy' and the most successful of his recent glut, 'Stop Acting Strange', while his handling of the Studio One classic 'Run Run' is a highspot of the evening.

Penny Reel
Originally published in Sounds - 1988
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