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SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene

Posted by Sista Sanae 
SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene
June 11, 2004 11:27PM
Greetings all,

About San Diego reggae scene but thought I'd post something on local roots
Mi Friend Ras Charles has opened up a string of shops in downtown Oceanside
He is trying to help strengthen the reggae scene here in So Cal.

Earth Culture : [www.earthcultureroots.com]
Reggae world culture shop (been around for awhile)

The Yard: Jamaican/caribbean food products (6 months new)

Yard Records: Cd/Vinyl all reggae (2 months new) www.yardrecords.com

Every Sunday night from 3 to 6 PM (California time)
On 1000 AM Premium Radio
sign on to listen live on the world wide web
and Thursday from 7 to 10 PM on Comet 1320 AM

He also puts on:
Reggae By the Pier July
WHERE . . . . . . . . . . . . OCEANSIDE AMPETHEATRE
WHEN . . 11AM-11PM, SATURDAY, JULY 17TH, 2004
FOR WHO . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ALL AGES

write us for your ideas

want to be a vendor?
want to be a volunteer?
artists to perform for you:
Stranger’s music carries a progressive sound that has put them at the top of San Diego’s reggae scene and has distinguished them as “San Diego’s favorite reggae band”. Although Stranger is independent from a major record label, they’re live performances and Limited Edition EP have had a powerful effect on building a strong following throughout California and Mexico, and a heavy buzz across the nation and abroad.

1:45 PM
From Sweden

2:30 PM
KUSH is an accomplished reggae singer, song-writer, and composer who has built a solid reputation and has also produced several other successful acts in West Africa. JAH BLOOD FIYAH ANGELS is San Diego's most respected roots reggae band.

3:30 PM
Few groups better captured the heart and soul of roots reggae than the Abyssinians; the vocal trio's heavenly close harmonies, dark melodies, and Rastafarian themes, all delivered with a deep spiritual feeling, were instrumental in defining and refining the genre.

5:30 PM
In Jamaica, where vocal groups are held in great esteem, the Melodians are one group that really matters. Their output on the influential Treasure Isle label proved their greatness.

7:30 PM
.......... Ky-mani Marley
He was just five years old when his father Bob Marley died, though the sound of Ky-mani's voice returns you to a very familiar place. Taking you to a new generation of a past reggae explosion, his message remains the same, "one love, one aim, one destiny".

9:30 PM
Vocal trio the Mighty Diamonds were one of the most internationally popular reggae groups to emerge from the '70s roots era. More accessible than many other roots outfits, the Diamonds boasted soulful, gorgeously pure harmonies and tight, catchy songwriting, much of it from within the group itself. They were devout Rastafarians.
Re: SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene
June 11, 2004 11:37PM

tell your friend good luck with the show but he is charging too much for LPs

Re: SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene
June 11, 2004 11:51PM
u can. smiling smiley I am not his messanger but he is very open to suggestions.
festival ongoer
Re: SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene
June 12, 2004 01:02AM
is bernard collins playing with the abyssinians??
Re: SD Reggae by the Pier Oceanside Reggae Scene
June 12, 2004 08:13PM
this should be a sweet time. i got a flyer for this shindig at the UCLA Jazz/Reggae festival. dieing to see the mighty diamonds next week.
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