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First Timer Flashback

Posted by J 
First Timer Flashback
June 12, 2004 04:21AM
OKay, so I know that I should probably know the answer to this question by now... but what stage is the Reggae going to be on? Friday...Village Stage... Saturday, Valley stage. I mean I like Music, but honestly, its Reggae and Reggae only that I want to hear during the festival, and I dont want to miss any of the performances. Let me know, Will I be doing a lot of running between shows to get from one to another... because if so, I should re-think the sandals only thing I have planned. Maybe I should get out my old track shoes form highschool.
Jah Bless
Re: First Timer Flashback
June 12, 2004 06:09AM
J, ya probly gwaan do a BUNCHA runnin bak-n-forth...
so travel light an dress da same...
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