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Posted by scotty 
June 12, 2004 09:08PM
what's the camping situation? How far is it from the music? Do you set up the tent next to your car? OK, finally, is there a time on Friday that I should probably be there by to get a (good) campsite. How far from Tahoe area? Thanks much. Peace

Re: camping
June 12, 2004 11:35PM
- camping is close, friendly, no shade, bit dusty, next to car.
- depending on how far away you camp, it can be a 2 min. to a 5+ min. walk to the music.
- You should arrive in the morning or early afternoon for a good place, IMO.

There really isn't much to the camping. Once everyone has their tents up and camping stuff out it all looks the same. No shade so bring your own. You can put your tent right next to your car.
Hope this helps some.
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