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The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)

Posted by Kind Herb 
The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 02:48AM
Two weekends in a row celebrating the birth of Bob Marley, could I be so lucky? Yes and no. The two weekends could not have been more different, representing the duality of life on the Big Island as well as life in general.

If the first weekend represented the power of voice, this past weekend represented the power of marketing. According to the flyer it was supposed to be Gregory Isaacs, Morgan Heritage, Ooklah The Moc, Mixjah, Levi Myaz, and more.

First off, Gregory was a no show! A HUGE bummer. However, Don Carlos was the fill in. Not a bad trade off, but seeing how I have seen Mr. Carlos a few times, and have yet to see Mr. Isaacs, I was disappointed. I don't think Ooklah performed either, but can not comfirm/nor deny.

I got there a bit later than I had wanted, and paid the price. Morgan Heritage was already playing when I arrived, and to my dismay, there was a huge line waiting to get in. There were almost as many people waiting outside as there were inside. Bad Bad Promoters!!! Not sure if all of you are familiar with life in Hawaii, but most places do not serve alcohol, however it is BYOB. So people were lined up with coolers and cases in hand. Which was a cause of the backup. There were 2-3 people checking coolers and packs for glass. With over 5000 people showing up, you might want to hire a few more people next time. Once inside the vibe was great and everyone was having a good time.

Oh while waiting to get in a couple was leaving and telling everybody who hadn't purchased a ticket to not bother and that it sucked. Only one band had performed, and that it was mainly a DJ and some guys on mics. Odd I thought, but I soon would understand what they were talking about.

Only caught half of Morgan Heritage, but they definately put on the best show of the night. And they put the Rock in Rockaz! I don't remember the other performances of theirs, that I have seen being so rock intensive. But it is probably just me. They had the crowd dancing and singing along. Ended the show with "So Much to Come" Too bad that so many people missed their performance just waiting to get in.

During the intermission between acts, the aforementioned DJ/MCs were on, and it hit me what that couple was talking about. Radio DJ/Hype MC types is about the best I could describe them without delving into the negative. But what can I say, they must have promoted the hell out of the show on the radio because everybody else in the crowd knew who they were, and were stoked with them. It was also at this point that it hit me that I was not a part of the target audience. I quickly grew tired of hearing the sponsors names over and over again, especially tied to Bob's name. All I kept thinking was STFU, and get Gregory on stage. I was unaware at this point that Gregory would no be performing, and in fact nothing was ever mentioned by anyone about his non performing status all night. Strike 2 against the promoters.

Finally the next act is on, and they are Live Wya w/ Levi Myaz. I have not been impressed with Levi, and the few songs he performed, did little to change my attitude. He was alright. Finally Don Carlos comes on, but again I don't think most of the audience knew who Don Carlos is! Shockingly he wasn't on the flyer, and most of the audience aren't old enough to know who he/Black Uhuru is. Don performed about 8-9 songs, and then struggled to keep the audiences attention. I don't know why Don just didn't play through, but he was switching off with Live Wya, and Levi throughout his set. I was a bit disappointed by this as well, as I know what kind of performance Don is capable of. Don ended his part with an acapella of "Just a Passing Glance" which had everyone who knew it singing along. The show ended oddly enough with Live Wya, doing some instrumentals of some of the more popular riddims on the scene right now. Which begs the question, why not just play some more Don songs? Don't know what was going on, but Live Wya and Don Carlos seem very out of sync.

After Don's last song it became obvious to every Gregory fan that Mr. Isaacs would not be performing. Sooo bummed, and was everyone else who came for him. Not sure why no mention was made, but when he is the headliner of your show and the only picture on your flyer, you might want to explain to the audience why he wasn't able to perform.

I was not inspired as I was the weekend prior with Irie Ites and Anthony B, however the duality of life was ever so prominent and I will explain it as such.

I hope people didn't get the wrong impression from my original review, as it became ever so obvious that it was the highlight of the two weekends, and if I had to choose I would choose Irie Ites and Anthony B every time, and with Jesse & The Kine backing him!!!!! Hell I would choose Jesse and the Kine over Live Wya every time as well. Live Wya broke into some rock and R&B that really left me wanting to just hear some roots.

The first weekend was all about D.I.Y. Do It Yourself, the love of reggae music, and the spirituality of life. This past weekend was all about making money. Not that they are mutually exclusively, but one should never have to hear "The 1st Annual Bob Marley Fest brought to you by Bud Light and MySpace.com" blah blah blah. WTF does Bud Light have to do with Bob Marley and Reggae?

Jesse Dawn made it a point to everyone listening, that Bob and reggae music were his inspiration and he was giving thanks and showing his love and appreciation by buying some land and building an amphitheatre for the people, and hosting music. His first show was free to commemorate the special occasion. How many people do you know who has done this?

The other promoters, who wanted everyone to know that their name was "3 Sexy Guys", thanked every sponsor multiple times, but I can't recall hearing them giving thanks to Bob, reggae music, or onto Jah Jah. Will have to go through my recordings to verify they might have said it once or twice, but it definately wasn't as often as I heard "Bud Light" and "MySpace.com" and "3 Sexy Guys" Oh yeah tickets were $25 to this event.

The two shows also represented the two sides of the Island. The first being on the Hilo side where it tends to be more rural and spiritually minded. This past show being in Kona, and targeted the 18-25 audience to come out and party and have a good time, and oh yeah it just happens to be Bob's birthday so we are going to play some reggae. The artists' themselves didn't have this attitude, but that was the vibe I got from the promoters and the crowd.

But I am glad I went, as I got to see Don Carlos and Morgan Heritage, despite everything that went along with it.

I give thanks for the opportunity to see so much music in such a short time span, and for the life lessons learned from these two weekends of music.

I am truly blessed.

Much love,

Kind Herb
jb welda
Re: The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 03:11AM
thanks for the review herb.

in the future keep in mind: the smart money is always on gregory not showing. its a shame but its a fact. its been proven over and over for one reason or another (usually the "one" reason though). like you mention though there *should* have been some announcement, preferably before you buy tickets at the gate, that the headliner was not going to appear. a so it goes sometimes.

anyway too bad don didnt do a little better with the audience; he generally has them in the palm of his hand. and that was weird about the on and off with that other artist. by the way, was wadi gads outfit backing don? that would have made it all worthwhile just in itself in my book.

i guess we will see if gregory makes the california shows he is billed on.

one love
jah bill
Re: The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 04:15AM
Thanks for the kind words Herb. As for the Kona show, I didn't go, and now I'm glad I didn't. For me, reggae and Budwieser don't mix well, and the last
time I went to that Kona venue, I was wading through beer cans. So again I
give thanks that I live on the Hilo side of the Big Island, where at a reggae show buds don't usually come in cans but instead are green and sweet.
Jesse Dawn (of Jah Kine) (see www.hawaiireggae.com)
Re: The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 09:19PM
nice report herbalist..

maybe we'll see gregory in ca ?
Re: The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 09:49PM
hope you all get to hear misty in roots one a dese days over in hawaii...

one peace roots-ee
Re: The Power of Marketing! (Bob Marley Days part 2)
February 14, 2006 10:20PM
tell it like ya see it Kind Herb

nuff respect!!

blessid love
ras danny
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