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Anderson Valley PR.

Anderson Valley PR.
February 14, 2006 06:17PM
Greetings from a local fellow.
Just thought I would let you know there are some folks around here who are not too happy about the whole thing. And unless the Board of Supervisors gives it's OK, the show ain't happening.
Please note that I am not one of those. I want to come Dance with yaall.
One problem is that nobody from the Organization talked with us about it. A community meeting could have been held at the Grange Hall and someone from SNWMF could have explained what was planned and how they were going to deal with the impact of this event on our little Valley.
We found out about it almost after the fact. That was not good.
So just a friendly heads up that some fence mending is needed.
Rev. T.
jb welda
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 14, 2006 11:23PM
i am personally interested in knowing who you are and who you represent. just curious. im also curious why you would think it appropriate to use a message board for this notice if you indeed have an official capacity in the area. seems kind of strange to me, thats all.

one love
jah bill
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 14, 2006 11:26PM
Good Rev. just a few singers and players of instruments.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 14, 2006 11:52PM
"the impact of this event on our little valley".....probably a whole lotta people that wouldn't otherwise be there spending a whole lotta money buying a whole lotta stuff (food, liquid refreshment, supplies, gas, etc). relax.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 12:05AM
Everybody slow down. I represent noone but my self. I speak as part of this community. I'm infavor of this thing, so please don't take my meaning here wrong..
I wrote here cause it seemed a good place as a member of this community to speak to the SNWMF communtiy.
I am a Pagan minister by the way.
It is not good for an organization like the SNWMF to just ignore us locals when planning this kind of event. Thats the way alot of people are feeling around here.
Most of the rest of us think its going to be way cool.
I don't know what it is like where most of you folks live, but here we are a diverse communtiy who shares a small valley. Most everyone knows everyone else. Something like this will impact us all. I'm hopeing in a positive way my self.
Rev. T.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 12:11AM
"im also curious why you would think it appropriate to use a message board for this notice if you indeed have an official capacity in the area. seems kind of strange to me, thats all."

Guy is giving you guys a heads up, this seems like a perfect place for a message like this, ie festival related. Sorry to disturb your top 10s but some of us still come to this board with some interest in the festival. I for one hope it can go off in this nice new venue with out disturbing, ie pissing off, another community.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 12:20AM
since the festival promoters have indicated the festival will be held at the fairgrounds, it would be assumed that all licenses, fees, bribes and paperwork for the event have been completed. my guess is that when the festival moved to angels camp, there were lokels who objected to the event and were worried about the impact etc etc. but the festival went on because the city/county were officially and legally taken care of. to me, this appears to be the same kinda thing (no offense rev.), some lokels thinking that they should have some input. personally, i think it would be nice for someone from the festival to speak out about this.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 12:22AM
Give thanx for your input Rev. I know there was a meeting at the Fairgrounds this past weekend between the festival organizers and two people who had expressed some concerns regarding the event going forward. I believe all of their concerns were addressed, and it seemed as though each walked away from the meeting feeling positive about the festival coming to town.

During the next month, Warren and Gretchen will be reaching out to meet with all merchants, businesses and individuals in the hopes of addressing any concerns that the community may have.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 12:57AM
Rev.T.S.Scott,welcome to this site...I was curious who you were,too.I read your comment on the other thread and wondered if you were for real or not.Thankyou for futher explaination. I guess I am too suspicious. I hope as time gets closer to the actual event all of the communities concerns will have been answered. This is a wonderful festival and I hope you all come to the same conclusion.Thankyou Booneville.............!!!!!!!!!!! Please encourage other Boonvillians to check-out this site and communicate .
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 01:05AM
Better buy your gas before you get to Boonville. There is only one station in town and though I'm sure they will try their best, there is no way they will be able to provide gas for every vehicle in town that weekend. If you don't have at least a half tank when you turn on to Hwy 128 coming into the valley, you might be pushing your car back out of the valley at the end of the weekend. PLAN AHEAD. I imagine the people who live here will have to gas up before the weekend. There are always logistical problems and minor inconveniences with such large gatherings, especialy in such a small community. Hopefully the good points will out-weigh the bad. The only ones who can truly assure that are the patrons. If they are courteous, thoughtful people who show respect for Anderson Valley and it's residents, then I imagine all will have a good time. Sure there is a great opportunity for people here to make money, but money isn't everything. You can't buy the kind of peace this valley offers with money, and most of the residents here know that very well. The logistical problems will have to be worked out by the organizers and the community officials, and hopefully the inconveniences will be minor and everyone will have a great weekend. I know I am looking forward to it. I'll be listening from my back deck.

Peace always .....
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 02:58AM
Boondawg128 sey: The logistical problems will have to be worked out by the organizers and the community officials, and hopefully the inconveniences will be minor and everyone will have a great weekend.

That is well said. The locals were impacted and inconvenienced somewhat at both Marysville and Angels Camp the first year or so when the festival was held at those locations so I hope the SNWMF staff has learned how to anticipate those types of problems and can keep them to a minimum. Especially since Boonville is a community of only about a 1000 people so the impact of say 6000 people camping for three days will be greater then say at Angels Camp with a population of 2500 or Marysville with population of 12,000.

I recall one problem at Marysville one year was that the campers bought out all the beer and ice from the big supermarket next door and local people in the store were pissed that the store was out of beer and ice. To avoid that problem, the local stores need to be alerted as too the potential demand so they can adequately stock up.

And the first year at Angels Camp the traffic congestion was so bad the local people had a hard time getting home from work. Another problem that surfaced was the campers created a huge demand on the water supply creating a shortage of well water.

So, the gasoline situation is a good one to be aware of and Im sure other potential problems will be adequately addressed in advance of the event. This is an experienced festival staff so Im expecting and hoping for relatively few and minor problems, if any.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 03:15AM
Rythmwize, you make some very good points. The merchants in the area will be well apprised as to the festival's consumption of goods, and plans are being put into place to insure that traffic congestion is kept to a minimum. Don't forget that the fairgrounds also hosts the Mendocino County Fair, which has a similar number of attendees. Plus, whereas almost all the fair goers come and go each day, almost all the SNWMF people pull in on Friday and their cars stay put for 3 days, which should alleviate things a bit for the residents in the valley.

Boondawg, although the town of boonville hasn't changed much in the 30 years since I lived up in those parts, I notice that the makeup of the population certainly has. It seems all those wineries (that i was sure would all go out of business when they ALL started planting) have had an impact on the area.

This site states: "The Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is dedicated to nurturing a world family peacefully united in celebration of the universal spirit of music" As such, I am certain that the promoters will work hard to involve the community in this event so that it is a win-win situation for all involved.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 06:03AM
Win-win works well. I'm confident that the details are in good hands. It's a good community and a good festival.
Have the wineries impacted the area? No doubt. Watch the AVA for weekly discussions of that issue.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 15, 2006 02:41PM
Rev. Terry, thanks for bringing up your points. Communications with the community is essential for any event. I'm a festival-goer and not connected with its operation. SNWMF seems very well run by very responsible people. Many of us attending come in to the event mostly self sufficient. I feel concerned that I don't spend more money in town that the festival is held given that gas and ice are my major purchases as well as a few food items I might have forgotten. The festival has been selling ice last several years so I don't even buy that in the town. Because once the campers park, we can't leave and come back in with our cars, I would guess most of us stay put. We spend our time wanting to check out the music or rest so we can check out more music. If the festival grounds are right in town then I would venture more us will be interested in walking into town just from curiousity since we are at a new place. SNWMF is definitely an older, more mellow crowd than Reggae on the River and it is fewer in number. Sierra Nevada World Music Festival is the sweetest festival on earth. Thanks for hosting us and we can't wait to visit your town.
Re: Anderson Valley PR.
February 16, 2006 05:12PM
Thank you all for your imput. Most of us here are looking forward to this event and plan on having a wonderful time. If all goes well, it can be a great yearly thing.
Maybe even change the name to the Anderson Valley World Musci Festival.
Peace and Blessings
Rev. T.
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