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Posted by The man 
The man
February 16, 2006 05:18PM

1 Day A Go Light (dubplate)
Produced by Neville Beckford

2 Shine Eye Gal (Locks)
Produced by Clive Chin

3 The Wanderor (Success)
Produced by Rupie Edwards

4 African People (Rattie Soul)
Produced by L A Campbell

5 Don't Do That (Lucky)
Produced by G McLean

6 Love Jah And Live (Kiss)
Produced by Barry Dunn

7 Ital Fest (Sunshot)
Produced by Dudley Swaby

8 Natty Baldhead (Locks)
Produced by G McLean

9 Unknown (Greek Records)
Produced by Sydney Wilson

10 Goosie Leg (blank)
Produced by G McLean

Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 16, 2006 06:37PM
Then you must have never heard this one Reel:

Angela Davis (Blue Bells)

a wicked verion on the Prophecy riddim in praise of the baddest radical of them all.
The man
Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 16, 2006 08:40PM
I've heard of it, Mike. But no, I've not heard it.

Big Time Star
Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 16, 2006 10:07PM
Mine would include:

Love Jah And Live (Kiss)
Produced by Barry Dunn

erm... which I see is your number 6 - whoops!

Rat In A Mi House (as Jah Hush) (Sunshot)
Produced by Phill Pratt

jb welda
Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 16, 2006 10:41PM
gathering israel. though it may never have been issued on 7"

in the spirit of listing every possible release by the guy we have:

jah woosh: take it/version (7"winking smiley (tt) (2 copies)
(version over love forever)
jah woosh/trinity: jah is the ruler/beware/versions of both (original music 12"winking smiley
jah woosh & zabandis: deh pon street again/version (sky juice 12"winking smiley
jah woosh: sattaland/version (7"winking smiley (original music)
jah woosh: shine eye gal/brand new version (7"winking smiley (locks)
jah woosh: free jah jah children/version (7"winking smiley (santic)
jah woosh: ales skank/different style (freedom sounds 12"winking smiley
jah woosh: magnet scorcher/version (7"winking smiley (faith)
jah woosh: african people/version (7"winking smiley (love)
jah woosh: ital living/version (7"winking smiley (roots foundation)
jah woosh & horace andy: serious things/version (7"winking smiley (original music)
jah woosh: take your time fattie/version (7"winking smiley (ja-man)
jay (sic?) whoosh: lady love/version (blank 12"winking smiley
horace andy & earl flute/keith hudson & the mafia all stars/jah woosh:
dont think about me/melody maker/im alright/version (10"winking smiley (trojan)
winston jarrett and righteous flames/jah woosh: must be a revolution/
wicked melt away/2 dubs (10"winking smiley (original music)

one love
jah bill
The man
Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 17, 2006 12:25PM
I've 41 7" singles by Jah Woosh plus a few tens, including the Winston Jarret posted by Bill above, and a few 12" too, as well as about five LPs. The above is merely my top ten. I'd love to identify the tune on Greek Records. Back in the 1970s I knew Neville quite well and it was he who gave me the unreleased dubplate at my number one. In Bills list, the 'Ales Skank' on Freedom Sounds is unknown to me.

jb welda
Re: JAH WOOSH 7" 10
February 17, 2006 05:02PM
thats the beauty of reggae that ive noticed: even a newcomer like me can pull out something an old hand like observer has never seen.

i would love to see jah woosh at snwmf, but its too bad his spar bim sherman is no longer with us. now those two in combination in the dancehall, i would pay to witness that!

im not going to beg for a cd of that dubplate observer, but you know my address...

one love
jah bill
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