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OT - Help Transform Jamaica - Worldwide Jamaican Petition

Posted by roots-ee 
OT - Help Transform Jamaica - Worldwide Jamaican Petition
February 17, 2006 06:51PM
from rec.music.reggae

From: "ccc3000" <cccampbell3000@yahoo.com>
Newsgroups: rec.music.reggae
Sent: Friday, February 17, 2006 1:34 PM
Subject: Help Transform Jamaica - Worldwide Jamaican Petition

Dear Fellow Jamaican,
> For some time now Jamaica and Jamaicans have sought answers to the
> problems we face (see file attached). I invite us all to use this
> Worldwide Jamaican Petition for the Separation of Powers in the
> Government of Jamaica as a part of our answers and resolution. Treat
> the heart of the issues to set Jamaica on the path to recovery.
> This is a peaceful, non confrontational and the most appropriate
> approach to problem solving of this nature. It fosters unity and
> coming together of Jamaicans. It promotes development of Jamaica and
> her citizens at all levels. It inspires confidence and trust in us as
> a progressive and forward reaching people, worthy of world class status
> and acclaim. It requires large numbers of us to do it. With the
> internet, email and cell phones we have that well covered.
> We are an amazing people and always will be. With so many of us as
> examples, on show for the world to enjoy: Marcus Garvey, Bob Marley,
> Ben Carson, Merlene Ottey, Lisa Hannah, Norman Manley, Alexander
> Bustamante, Courtney Walsh and the likes of Asafa Powell, Veronica
> Campbell and their teammates.
> They all did it (accomplish their goals), and so will we. This is our
> opportunity to liberate ourselves. Ghandi did it in India. Martin
> Luther King Jr. did it in America. They did it and so will we in
> Jamaica! We will literally, with the strokes of pens set Jamaica on the
> path to recovery once again.
> Show your support for the Worldwide Jamaican Petition by e-mail:
> 1. Fill in your info and add your comments:
> Name | E-mail | Telephone | Present Address | Jamaican Contact Address
> "I am in support of the petition for Separation of Powers in the
> Government of Jamaica. I hereby register my support with this email."
> - You may add your comments here -
> 2. Copy & paste text above and send email to these 3 address:
> info@cabinet.gov.jm, separationofpowersja@yahoo.com,
> eoj.info@cwjamaica.com
> (They allow for progress tracking and provides hard copy backup in case
> of discrepancies after submission to the Government of Jamaica)
> Or by Fax:
> Print form (attached), Circulate for Signatures, Fax completed form to:
> 1-876-704-2490
> Thank you most sincerely,
> C. C. Campbell
> Worldwide Jamaica
> Petition Committee - Feb 2006
> For maximum reach please forward to your Jamaican family, relatives and
> friends.
> (c) 2006 CCC Int'l
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