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Italy's higher court does it again.

Posted by Dubguy 
Italy's higher court does it again.
February 18, 2006 06:07AM
From cnn.com:
"Italian court: Not a virgin? Sex crimes aren't as serious

ROME, Italy (Reuters) -- Sexually abusing a teenager is less serious a crime if the girl is not a virgin, Italy's higher court said on Friday in a controversial ruling that immediately drew a barrage of criticism.

The court ruled in favor of a man in his forties, identified only as Marco T., who forced his 14-year old stepdaughter to have oral sex with him after she refused intercourse."

I really can't believe this, especially after (as they point out at the end of the article):

"The supreme court is no stranger to controversial judgments.

In recent years it has ruled that "an isolated and impulsive" pat on a woman's buttocks at work did not constitute sexual harassment, and returned a verdict that a woman could not have been raped because she was wearing skin-tight jeans."

Is it just me or are we seriously de-evolving on a world level? Sometimes when you feel trapped in a country run by idiots, and surrounded by the idiots that voted them in, it's good to know you're not alone...
Re: Italy's higher court does it again.
February 18, 2006 06:31AM
makes me sad to have italian heritage- ridiculous
Re: Italy's higher court does it again.
February 18, 2006 07:07AM
Ha - hello Ms. Armada. I got a fair amount in me too, and when I went to Europe Italy was one of my favorite places. Trying to figure out how I can pull off going back to Venice and hitting Rototom this year in fact.

Simply amazing that a court on a national level in Europe can be so completely draconian. Then again we have a plenty o' politrickcians here who are as well...
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