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HI Everyone!!!!

Posted by PrinceKaliWolf 
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HI Everyone!!!!
March 02, 2006 04:47AM
SN Chat Board!! Whats up friends. I missed this board alot,
I am Rally looking forword-> To see what this summer unfolds and Holds for our souls, Possibly touring with friends and bands.
I can't believe how fast time is flying by, I Can't wait for SN's new beautiful location in BOONVILL! and EARTHDANCE!!
Good to be back on the board room chat!
Peace 2 Life
Re: HI Everyone!!!!
March 02, 2006 06:21AM
NIce to have you back PKW! Hello to you too...been a few "old timers" popping up lately. (how often does someone refer to you as an old timer? Am I the first? - haha) NEws of the location/announced acts mus be leaking...

ready for some drumming this year?
Re: HI Everyone!!!!
March 11, 2006 04:32AM
Oh Man!!!!
I Cannot Wait For The DRUM CIRCLES!!!!
Dubguy Whats up!?!
I Hope to meet alot more boardies in person this year as well.

Much Love everyone!!!

oh and dubguy, you are the first

-={Truth to All}=-
Re: HI Everyone!!!!
March 11, 2006 09:24PM
Aahh ..Tha Wolf . Maybe we can acually link this year man ..
Re: HI Everyone!!!!
March 16, 2006 04:01AM
Yes HIGHPRAISE, The Longer the wait the sweeter the meet!
I really really hope to meet you this year man,
You know Daniel was the ONLY Person who noticed me in my PKW Shirt.
But hey, Hopefully ill meet up with everyone this year.
3 Months to go!!!!!!
Re: HI Everyone!!!!
March 16, 2006 04:52AM
Ahh, memories of my first timid postings......................

welcome back.