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This Great Singer, Baaba Maal

Posted by papa ray 
papa ray
This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 02, 2006 01:42PM
If you've never seen this man, you are in for a treat and then some.
From the release of his acoustic music in the West(and believe me,
if it was 'only' him and Monsour Sek playing acoustically it would be a highlight of
the festival) to seeing him with a ten piece band, I've been awed by
his voice. Stunning.

Anyone here recall the Exterminator 7" he did w/ Luciano??
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 02, 2006 05:36PM
Didn't he play at SNWMF a few years ago?

I could've sworn I saw him and was blown away by the performance

One love
eric v
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 02, 2006 05:43PM
Maybe that was your dream Eric.
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 12:44AM
The duet was 'Africans Unite' by Luci and Baaba and included on one of Baaba Mal's cds. It is a great song! In an interview I did with Luciano a few years ago he talks about wanting to do more work with Baaba.

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 12:50AM
I like Africa Unite, but really LOVE his combination with Macka B - "Yelle"
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 04:18AM
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 12:49PM
Daniel, are you referring to Hamady Boiro (Yelle)? That was the first song I ever owned by Baaba Mal. It is wonderful. There is so much great Senegalese music!

The first time I ever saw Toure Kunda live (almost twenty years ago now), I was totally blown away. There was a bus accident with their equipment between here and Houston so they were a little late. They had to borrow most of the instruments they used that night from musicians in town and many of what they needed were traditional Senegalese pieces so obviously they could not get everything so quickly. They pulled off the most amazing show and it sounded great. The music from Africa and even Senegal is barely tapped for American audiences. I agree with my friend below who mentions Cheikh Lo. One of my favorite all time African albums is by that great performer.

I have been emailing with a Senegalese man who loves vintage reggae music. He wrote the other day about the fact that Senegal provides free AIDS medicine. Here are two excerpts from his emails. One about the provision of AIDS drugs and the other about his favorite Senegalese music:

Senegalese music:

Contrary to what you may think most of the artists i used to like(and still like even though some of them are not anymore into the mainstream production circuit)are XALAM, a group which i consider as being the, pioneers of what is today considered as the concept of world music.They have won in 1980 in berlin at the horizonte festival the golden palm wich won them the recording of their lp"ade" and were latter to relocate in paris in 1982 where they released what i consider the landmark of senegalese music an lp called "goree"in tribute to the island located at 20minutes off the senegalese coast and which house one of the most important slaves house and transit center.album which was really overlooked and was not given the deserved recognition.up to now it is only appreciated by a certain music cognoscenti,for being jazz and afro-oriented.nothing to do with today's senegal popular music known as mbalax and played by such acts as youssou ndour,thione seck ismael lo,super diamono and most of the females and which lays a heavy emphasis on the percussions.khalam was invited at the berlin horizonte festival through the connection of late german jazz guitarist volker kriegel;they hilighted the senegalese jazz festival which guested back in 1980 such luminaries as dizzy gillespie,dr gibbs grover washington's percussionist,bassist jimmy jammot saxophonist dexter gordon,drummer kenny clarke,trumpeter jimmy owens,basist jimmy jammott,the xanadu all stars,saxophonist stan getz etc..etc..they have performermed percussions with the 1982 rolling stones lp"undercover of the night"and are almost non existant since the death of their drummer in april 1988.their lps could be on "celluloid" then a little french label.
i love also baba maal but more his accoustic music side and consider"baayo"his debut lp on island record as an as a collctor's item;i love what the toure brothers known as TOURE KUNDA did in the 80's and early 90's,but was really spellbound at hearing what their nephews known as TOURE TOURE did on their one hit-wonder called "LAADEE" that keeps you on your dancing feet from the beginning to the last song.it can be searched on PYGMALION RECORDS,one of the many french independant labels.that is why it is not that much popular;but one of the members went solo under the name ofDABY TOURE and has been doing fine so far.i also loved youssou ndour's"the lion"lp on virgin records and really appreciated so far the 3 releases of senegalese singer and acoustic guitar player CHEIKH LO who has lately released an lp on "world circuit".i love " BAOBAB ORCHESTRA" who has been able to re-unite again after having been disbanded for 20 years, thanks to nick gold of"world circuit".their 1999 release called" SPECIALISTS IN ALL STYLES"shows that when it comes to playing cuban music inflicted with tropical rythms they are second to no one.I also love the sweet voice of MA SANE a young female from thies my home town who is the lead singer of a band called " WA FLASH"they are not so popular and have not been able to surface on an international level due to the supremacyof the leading acts of senegalese music i mentioned earlier,but do really deserve a record contract.they nevertheless enjoy some nation-wide success and are getting not only more and more airplay on the numerous private radio stations but can afford to play in little venue here in dakar called"JUST 4 U" here in Dakar the capital city.

About free HIV drugs:

i just come from the CTA(which stands for the out-patients treatment center, which is dedicated to hiv positive patients' medical care).the doctor i met there and who is one of the main people
responsible for that confirmed indeed what i told you earlier today about the free access to antiretroviral drugs, which has been effective in senegal since january 2004,following the ONUSIDA(united nations organization for the aids pandemic) conference; conference which was hosted by senegal in december 2003 and which declared the access to antiretroviral drugs free and gratuitous for senegalese hiv positive patients.
indeed,as soon as 1998,the antiretroviral drugs which have been on sale since 1996 in the western countries were made available for the patients at an incredible price of 300.000cfa per month and per person(it would be almost be 577 us dollars if you round up to the nearest dollar, the dollar rate being now 520 cfa);back then the dollar almost reached 700cfa and that would have costed 429 us dollars per person and per month.but the then senegalese authorities knowing that the average senegalese salaried employee, be it from the civil service or the private sector could not bear the expenses decided to subsidize the price of these drugs by allowing each and every year 500.000.000. cfa ,what should have been back then about 961.539 us dollars now, but 714.286 us dollars back then.but 300.000cfa from which the patient would only contribute 21.000cfa that is to say almost 30 us dollars back in 1998 and almost 40 us dollars now.but it was still an expense many a patient could not afford.this contribution went from 21.000 cfa a month to 5000 cfa that is to say less than 10 dollars in 2000 and was made ultimately free at last for the more than 1.300,or so, senegalese hiv patients among which, 600 are to date under antiretroviral treatment at the C.T.A which is a department of FANN university hospital,located here in dakar,the capital city.as i said earlier this came after the conference which was held in december of 2003.
here is a list of some of the antiretroviral drugs that are available here in senegal
the subsidies which went from 500.000.000 cfa to 1 billion cfa that is to say a little less than 2 millions dollars in 2000 with the new regime of president abdoulaye wade, has now reached(according to the responsible in charge of that department)1.5 billion cfa that is to say a little less than 3 million dollars,with the 2005 budget
i hope these info will help a bit in enlightening you in the hiv positive patients'situation here in senegal

Post Edited (03-03-06 05:00)

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 02:32PM
Yes, that is the same tune Sis. I have to confess that this tune and the Luciano combination are the only Baaba Maal selections I have. I even had to 'outsource' the music to get a BM stream on this site....
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 02:40PM
Mr. Maal rates. He is what world music is all about. Music from the soul
jb welda
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 05:06PM
i was looking through an old issue of mojo the other day and lo and behold, a photo of capleton (maybe it was sizzla?) and luciano and beside them, baaba maal!

one love
jah bill
papa ray
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 07:54PM
His big band smokes and grooves sublimely, and it is hard to reconcile the
huge and moving voice to such a slight physical personage. Deep as the ocean.

The release of Amadau &Mariam has been one of my favored releases of the past 20 months. Blues from Africa, y'all.
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 11:28PM
Blues from Africa includes Ali Farke Toure who studied with John Lee Hooker. It's not new but be sure to check out Talkin Timbuktu. Ali Farke Toure blows me away.

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
papa ray
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 03, 2006 11:36PM
Sistah, I don't rightly know if AFT actually studied w/ Hooker, but sure-nuff
they both drank from the same well. That LP you mention is some chapter and verse tho'. Toure knocks me out too. Sorry to report I've heard he is quite
sick and probably not as long for this world as we would wish.
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 04, 2006 03:50AM
Talkin Timbuktu - can't go wrong with Ry Cooder and Gatemouth Brown (and Ali himself of course).

Baaba Maal not only sounds incredible, but he puts on one VERY entertaining show to boot. Upfront energy to the max...
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 04, 2006 04:29AM
Papa Ray, you may be right. I wasn't thinking he studied like a pupil being tutored and truthfully what I know about it came from a PBS special on African music. The wording may have been more like he studied John Lee Hooker's style. My memory is sometimes not exact. Thanks for more clarification. You can definitely hear John Lee Hooker's influence in some of the songs on Talkin' Timbuktu. I am a big fan of African music. My dream is to visit some of the countries on the African continent, particularly Ghana and Senegal.

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 04, 2006 05:59AM

Baaba Maal and friend, UC Davis Mondavi Center, April 2004

Mansour Seck, UC Davis Mondavi Center, April 2004
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 04, 2006 06:17AM
Someone has their festival outfit ready! Absolutely love it. I'm gonna be on the lookout for a dai shiki this year...
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 04, 2006 05:08PM
Dubguy, here is a nice website for dashikis.


Photo is Baaba Mal with Nelson Mandela. I am not sure who the photographer was (possibly adrian boot) but was included on the digital press kit given to me by Baaba Mal's manager. Thought I would add these to the other beautiful photos posted.

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
old man
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 08, 2006 04:39AM
It was the Pignic, The Hog Farm's festival a few years ago--Wait I'm an old man: however how many years ago it was, Baaba Maal was beyond awesome there. I have Baaba Maal tracks I listen to continually. Can't wait.
Re: This Great Singer, Baaba Maal
March 08, 2006 05:26AM
>reggae on the river 1998*
>even though it was just a timed regular fest set it was 1 of best sets i ever witnessed in my life. all the drummers & dancers lite up the stage like nobody else can class but baaba maal & company (world tour!)
>8 years later*

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