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Tomorrow Night I GRADE

Posted by jahboo 
Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 03, 2006 02:46AM
Humble Ark & I Grade present
featuring Army, Abja & NiyoRah
backed by the Red-I Band

also appearing :
Black Culture & The Lion's Den

Intermission Music by BIGGA
of Seed Is ..., Session Rockers, The Bottom Lion, Ever G
$15 advance/$20 at the door

Friday March 3rd, 2006
The Jewish Mother
3108 Pacific Ave
Virginia Beach, Va

Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 03, 2006 02:53AM
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 06, 2006 08:07AM
big up daniel ... show was wicked ... wish i could say the same for the crowd
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 06, 2006 09:22PM
sad to hear the crowd was a bit bunk. was it empty in the place, or just slack vibes?
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 06, 2006 09:54PM
I'm sure the vibes were anything but slack...

Jahboo..it is a challenge to bring less established artists through a new market. It wasn't long ago that I was saying the same thing about some bands that are now a very solid draw.

While it does hurt the pocket temporarilly, your efforts will come back around in due time.

Stand firm and keep putting these shows out there for the people. The VA massive will catch on soon.

I'm glad to hear that the show was wicked..we look forward to welcoming them to the left coast this weekend. Respect, MK

Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 07, 2006 01:48AM
i just meant slack vibes from the crowd, certainly ont the entertainers
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 09, 2006 08:41PM
nah ... the crowd was loving it ... there just wasn't enough of them ... it was a pretty big loss for me ... and i took the show because of the success of midnite in sept 05 and bambu station in oct 05 ... same fanbase for army abja and niyorah ... niyorah wrecked the place but since he was last only had about 30 minutes ... his stage prescence is great ... army and abja were well crucial too ... great show great people ... just a small crowd ... this comes after anthony b cancel on us ... we lose all promo expenses ... and then we didn't cover on gregory tuesday night ... so 3 shows in a row does kinda hurt ... i'm not a rich man by any means financially ... i had saved up hoping it would work like last year where one show funds the next ... hopefully things will pick after spear crush the jewish mother on april 10 ... 330 heads will be in for a real treat that night ! it's already close to sold out with just word of mouth ... bless
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 09, 2006 08:44PM
Big up to you Jahboo for pushing jah works forward to the VA masses, and keep doing what you are doing in the face of (financial) adversity....
jb welda
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 09, 2006 11:37PM
you didnt have much of a turnout for gregory isaacs?

one love
jah bill
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 10, 2006 07:35AM
we had about 400 there ... the place holds 1500 ... it was a tuesday and we went against richie spice and the 5th element crew right down the road ... so i'm thinking that pulled 200 that woulda came to gregory otherwise
Re: Tomorrow Night I GRADE
March 11, 2006 06:46AM
Ya works pay off in the long run!
Bringin' this crew FWD is crucial!
Like mi breddren say the other day ,
the family of Ras Pidow is blessed wit time, and patience ..
but works be dunn
contInue onn
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