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Big Youth @Marysville, 2000

Posted by J_72 
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Big Youth @Marysville, 2000
March 04, 2006 06:29PM
Me's not a politician...me's not even a Christian because...me's not even of religion because the whole talk about religion is to cause division 'cause they use religion and different denominations and cause a lot of different seperations, ya understand?

Me doesn't preach race 'cause if you preach race you's a racist, ya understand? If you say me black, you's a racist and if me say you white, me's a racist cause we preach racism, ya understand? What me really 'bout pon earth 'bout what I would really like to see is the unification of mankind...me just loves the people...just live and everybody nice (in the back ground: Yes I!) ya know wanna I mean?

-Big Youth, Sierra Nevada Music Festival Press Interview, Marysville, Ca. 2000

Re: Big Youth @Marysville, 2000
March 05, 2006 07:09PM
Right back up top....