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Tchiya Amet March 24 at El Rincon

Posted by Ovah 
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Tchiya Amet March 24 at El Rincon
March 05, 2006 05:36PM
March 5, 2006

No, that’s not a typo. I decided to call this a rap up, because I am going to rap about a show that is coming up. It’s also a wrap-up, because this is the news at the end of winter, like, “Time to wrap it up....”

Okay, so the show is March 24th at El Rincon in San Francisco: . No opening band, so don’t be fashionably late this time....The Song “Fire Water” has been recorded and is being mixed as we speak/type/read.

A splash of news awaits you at <[www.tchiya.com] you are at the homepage, kindly scroll down the page a bit to get to the February 26th posting with music news.

In getting ready for the new CD and all, I am, once again, consolidating email addresses. If you do not wish to be on this list, with news of my performances, celestial wisdom, or indigenous matters, please respond with “unsubscribe” as the subject. If you would prefer to be on my personal email list, write to me at umoja@tchiya.com.

Thanks so much! Truth & Love, Tchiya

Re: Tchiya Amet March 24 at El Rincon
March 06, 2006 01:50AM
i love tchiya's music..
hope to see her up here soon!

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