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more murder inna stx

Posted by aquaponics 
more murder inna stx
March 05, 2006 07:00PM
no link to attach yet, but last night st. croix witnessed another murder. This time with Reggae as the backdrop.

the Avis Headline: "Man shot, killed during concert"

Unfortunately, Lady Saw came to town and left without performing. The event was dubbed as a Calypso vs Dancehall ting (part II). This is what I hear: The killer came in packing (although they claim security is tight as a virgin). As the JA band came on a youth was shot multiple times including in the face. The crowd scrambled in panic. A girlfriend I know went back early this am to claim the shoes she left behind. There we more than 20 pairs left behind when she went back. wigs, purses, etc.. They say the 500 capacity place had more than 2000. Some doors were padlocked. (Big ups to all those that deal with the legalities of bringing reggae to towns and venues!) When shots went off, others in the crowd drew their piece. Again, this does not sound like tight security. Some say some were allowed to enter, no frisk. Ting is also this youth had a officer mommy. I also hear the youth that passed had a history and had taken ....others.... seen. And his overseer mommy knew some of these tings. Nobody will talk and no arrests will happen. The retalitation, or reciprocation killings will continue for a while here. The local paper had an editorial condoning the violence and the killer and played the "victim" as an innocent. This youth was a killer already. These things are taking care of themselves on the streets. It's sometimes hard to imagine how far from love many of these youths in St. Croix fall, while righteous examples and chanters abound. And I think that the parent seeing these things and letting it go lets the wounds fester.

The impact on local reggae promotion is already happening. This murder was associated with reggae. Even though Lady Saw is a dancehall ting and the calypso same same, they write as if this is part of the "current" VI roots reggae scene. This is Lady Saw and a dancehall ting. Don't confuse it with the words coming from the VI ROOTS scene. Nuff consciousness cover the area. This murder event has no relation.

Sorry to rant and spread the negative news. Say a prayer for our likkle place while praying for yours, please...

Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 01:18AM
And the murder has no more to do with Lady Saw and dancehall music than it does with your precious roots scene.

Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 01:31AM
straight cold, but true. On the other hand, if a pattern emerges....look like dem inna bandalu bidnit.
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 11:37AM
except this genre tends to bring out more heat inclined youth, packing to keep up the image and ready to use inna lover quarrel. Lady Saw gonna take your man, who says I can't do anything about it. Sometimes tings get a bit heated with all that pum pum talk. Not very nurturing or positive at times. So, I say this situation has a likkle more link to Lady Saw and dancehall than InI precious roots scene. However still is tragedy. And I'm not trying to point out that it's more a dancehall ting, rather this event is impacting the positive works laid recently by upful ones on "our" roots scene. Again, I was calling on some heartfelt prayer for change.


"And the murder has no more to do with Lady Saw and dancehall music than it does with your precious roots scene."
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 03:56PM
yeah, recent piece in fashion tabloid, "Trace", lists Lady Saw as one of the ten moist influential fartists(female for artist) in JA today.

Said insert bio, "As the quintessential badass bitch that has endured a solid tenure of ten plus years(a formula that her successors and even female hip hop artists try to emulate) she is revered as the Queen Bee of Dance Hall."

Later, the characteristically modest Dancehall chattress describes herself as "the best that 'eva come y' know."

Again. Peter Tosh's philosophy comes in handy here. Everything that is bad is viewed as good. Everything I've been told is a lie. And just because someone says something outlandish or horrible or boisterous , the statement or subject matter is believed to be 'gooood' or 'progressive' or 'real life', while the sight of a child playing in the street , for example, is just a mere sentiment.

But I say... Some Never Even Plant yet want to Reap,
If you run, be careful, try to look before you leap;
Took a little walk from my Vineyard...
Now I'm on my own
Now I'm left alone..
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 04:40PM
makes you just wanna hop a plane to croix, and go see some good ole reggae!
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 04:49PM
Winter Reggae In Paradise, St Croix, January 7, 2007!!! BOOM show!!!!

nuh gunplay cyaan stop roots reggae!!!

Higher Reasoning Reggae Time gwan be deh!!!

Post Edited (03-06-06 08:50)

blessid love
ras danny
higher reasoning reggae time
KBOO Portland, Full Strength Community Radio
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-Muhammad Ali
*I don't like reggae, I love it*
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 04:58PM
ic will be there, with flower power. Must haffi link ras Danny pon arrival!

More love come to town,
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 05:06PM
the good & the feeling that stx gives is much more than the gunplay that happens...the crimes committed are generally against those who are doing their own dirt. when i was there jan 05-i saw a youth who had been stabbed during carnival~but again..he was doing his own dirt. violence is not justified..but for "most" law abiding citizens in stx--it does not affect them. these happenings will not keep me from moving there...
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 05:33PM
doesn't keep me (I) from living here either Buttah, just keeps I from going to the Drive Inn for a Dancehall vs Calypso ting....

Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 09:34PM
THE DRIVE IN ALWAYS BEEN a place of violence IC, even growing up it was problematic. Probably because it is in grove place and not easily reachable when something does happen, not to mention how many options the people doing dirt have as in untraceable get-a-way routes.
St. croix isn't babylon, but it isnt paradise either. Its all about who yu step with, associate with, and the actions you show others.
With that said.........ah comin' home sooon me son. heh heh.
Re: more murder inna stx
March 06, 2006 11:37PM
yes BG,

looking forward to that reason, for true. Sounds like you'll be around to do works at WRIP 2 next Jan, ini(s) must haffi be there. Guidance.

Unfortunately on this thread, next night in STT another shot down in town, Rock City, so Lady cancelled again.

Re: more murder inna stx
March 07, 2006 10:24AM
Drive in always been sketchy deman aallways. It's location is a big part of it, Binghi is right about that. I still love STX man, I'll be visiting my parents next week first time back in a couple of years and looking forward to it.
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