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Who do you want to see at SNWMF 06

Posted by V DOSIA 
Who do you want to see at SNWMF 06
March 11, 2006 05:01AM
Who do you guys want to see headline at SNWMF??? I havent seen any artists that i am TOO excited about on the lineup yet besides MAD Professor, and Luna Angel (shes looking rather fine!!!!) and a beautiful voice i must add!! I'd like to see them add someone like Sizza for S.N. I saw him at a show at the DNA lounge in Frisco a couple months back and he had the place going BANANAS!!! so much energy!!! What about Turbulance? why diddnt he show last year??? See if they could get Chukkie Starr from the UK that would be amazing, and what would be even more amazing is to have Chukkie Star Backed by mad professor like the album ghetto youth livity!!!
What if they could get the up and coming artist Gyption that would be really tight hes going to be the next big thing you watch (if you havent heard him you better get on this hype!!)......
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