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Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?

Posted by Xkaliba 
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Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 21, 2006 05:57PM
Greetings Reggae Fans,(Itinauljah)is the first(Various)Cd to be Released out of the(V.I)for(2006) It features Artists like myself(Xkaliba)along with Others like(Lava/Jah-Rubal/Ras-Calle/Jah-Youth/Mossiah/LittleJudgement)and(Vaughn Benjamin)of the (Midnite)Band! It is Available at(Viroots.com)for sale and sound
samples! InI Would like to know What the World has to say about this(Cd)and the
Re: Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 21, 2006 09:14PM
I have it and am enjoin it .. For me Ras Calle and Mossiah.
Re: Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 22, 2006 12:35AM
it takes me awhile to get into it, as to be honest, i don't really like ras l's riddims (absolutely no disrespect at all) but thus far 'pushtru' , 'inna o',and 'jah stranga' are my favorites. of your tunes, i'm bigger on 'bling bling'
Re: Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 22, 2006 02:08AM
huge big large....really like your tunes vaughns sang real, jah rubals tracks, mossiah's greedy, lava's(aka volcano) one!!! lots of good tracks...like ras l's mixing and production...a good buy for sure!

keep it up xkaliba in the name of haile I

also look forward to the debut release...when?
Re: Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 23, 2006 05:35AM
Itinualjah is a solid album. Love the variety from all the V.I. artists.
I'm feelin - Greedy, Won, Enjoy Life, Guidinstar & Pushtru the most.
Re: Anyone Heard (Itinualjah) Cd?
March 23, 2006 05:09PM
JAH Youth bringing a whole new style to the forefront commanding imanity to site ah JAH an bow to the almighty. His words are fierce with worship intonation naw the dub poet style but similar, more direct demanding presence from ini.