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HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th

Posted by Jahmeek 
HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 21, 2006 10:28PM


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Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 12:33AM
THIS week in events from Reggae Arizona*

Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 03:07AM
Wish I could catch this - always been a fan...
Kel-I Bubbler
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 03:25AM
Good you're having an all-ages show. The kids were nearly rushing the door at the show here they wanted in so bad.
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 03:53AM
You mean the kids actually know who HR is? Most kids have no clue who Boston was nowadays... must have been a write up in a school paper or something.
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 03:54AM
>yes should be great show HR has always been 1 of my all time favorite singers. he is most fresh & never coped any1' else style. can hold any crowd & can do incredible studio tracks once again with his own flavor.
>This will be a very special show with the Mighty 602 Band in control featuring Bad Brains original bass player William Banks who also went on the write many Human Rights bass lines & even some keyboard riffs! This combo-nation has produced some of the best HR songs i can think of like from albums like: 84-86 Tapes, Singin' in the Heart, Charge, I Luv & Our Faith just to mention a few titles.
>BIG up the foundation everytime*
once again line up early for all ages because the late show will require i.d. 21+.
this show is being put on by Jah Boo promotions not DIA or the Dubb Agents so contact 623-329-9658 for any more info*******
HR of Bad Brains/Human Rights
w/ Mighty 602 Band
special guests: Mike Mattingly
Selecta7souN'systeM & The Armed Forces
(two shows/one date)
show 1@ 5pm-9pm ALL AGES EVENT
show2@ 10pm-2am MUST BE AGE 21+
TICKET $15.00 @door
230 w. 5th 480-966-5600 Tempe,AZ.

Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 06:25AM
>HR will be doing radio interveiw on the EDGE 1039 FM here in valley tomorrow and had to write some cliff notes for interveiwer here. im not a writer so not sure how i did here maybe the MAN could help. let iNi know wha a gwan^ -RASpects+
Ras Hailu Gabrial Josepth I A.k.A. HR
Known for his original works in the american/international music scene not only as a famous singer for east coast hardcore band Bad Brains who took it from bottom days of playing the one & only CBGB's club in NYC with their home turf vibes of the rugged DC punky life style with hits like 'pay to cum'! recorded on 7' inch vinyl in 1979 but for hit albums that shocked independent airwaves around the world and also for the roots rock reggae sound with group named Human Rights taking what Bad Brains did only as part of there set including roots reggae but creating a direct message of less aggression & more towards the faith in the RasTafari culture.
HR has recorded many hit albums with Bad Brains & hit singles with so many differnt producers. some of Bad Brains best work was captured by ROIR Records who did a nice job re-mixxing the old ruff recordings of 'Banned In DC' 1981 to CD version titled 'Attitude' which is also another hit song title from them. Cant forget one of the all time best sellers 'Rock For Light' 1983 that has been re-master now days by Ric Ocasek(The Cars) on the re-release repress market.. But before this re-press stuff note during the time recording for then SST Records(Black Flag*) Bad Brains made hudge impact on the global punkrock scene with a album titled I against I 1986 blending there first change up of adding more funk & soul to there already acclaimed DC hardcore sound. after a few singles it appeared 1987 HR wanted to move more towrds a pure REGGAE sound doing more solo projects like Human Rights & '84-86 tapes_It's About Luv/Keep Out of Reach putting together single releases to 1 CD. Some solo early works are rare but can be found in old record auctions doing recording with names like Kenny Dread & David Byers. But before yet another Bad Brains split up capturing a great live show of where the energy was then is a release on then Caroline Records called 'The Youth Are Getting Restless" that was recorded live in Amsterdam in 1987'(released 1990). this is a perfect example of what Bad Brains was during the 'Quikness' 1989 album days.
>After this phase in history Human Rights left Bad Brains name and exploded on the scene by it's self with it's pure roots rock reggae sound teaming with Niyabinghi Drum specialist from Jamaica' Ras Micheal & old friends like William Banks(Mighty 602 Band). on great albums like: 'Singin' In The Heart-1989, Charge-1990, I LUV-1991, Our Faith-1992, Rock of Enoch-1992 just to mention a few hit album titles.......
>After this Bad Brains went going on with-out HR or Brother Earl releasing album titled 'Rise(with MTV video*) there was a attempt to get Bad Brains back-together then teaming again with producer Ric Ocasec & Warner Bros.Records to release a BIG promoted title 'God of Love' 1995 blending the old hard git playing of Dr.Know, hammering bass of Darryl Jenifer & last but not least heavy hitting skins from Brother Earl Hudson. this rejoining after so many years brought excited fans back out with it's almost Heavy-metal sounding album now & digital raggamuffin reggae style tracks* This fashion didnt last long with only 1 release & a cancelled tour opening for Beastie Boys(best punk/hardcore band says -Adam Yauch*).
>After this falling with commercial market & the rumered dis-aggreements there was a choice to name the band SOUL BRAINS instead of Bad Brains in maybe hoping people would get the message that the group has moved good from bad ways, launching a massive re-union tour that went over real good with old and new style fans. after a quik release with soul brains HR then went back underground skipping around from the commercial market that tryed to sell him out so many times and continued doing works for varoius projects but the foundation remains with the long years with Bad Brains & Human Rights bands. These are the facts making music history today*
Today HR is alive with spirit & bad brains has went on to release a dub style album with-out him but the Mighty 602 Band is here in PHX.AZ. to take job of playing those classic HR songs remembered by so many through long years here in valley of the sun on March 29th,TEMPE*2006*
>HOPE this will help you a little more with your interveiw on radio. im not a press writer so not perfect but have been listioning to HR's singing for over 20 years & have probley a very extensive collection of his recordings in most eyes veiw. so please feel free to contact me at my home any time with more questions about HR if needed @
thanx-again for your support
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 09:17PM
NIce job Jahmeek - didn't know Soul Brains released anything! Will have to look it up. This should give the DJ a good base to start from...
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 10:08PM
>yeh mon it's on 2bi records out of san fran. i lost my copy so need to get one myself also dubguy*
>there are more titles of release's worth while not listed here just tryed to cover basics*

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papa wheelie
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 10:14PM
H.R. at SNWMF. What do ya say Daniel?
Re: HR of Bad Brains -WED. MARCH 29th
March 28, 2006 10:17PM
It ain't my call Papa Wheelie.....
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