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Taken Off

Posted by The man 
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The man
Taken Off
March 22, 2006 02:08AM
Bim Sherman
Taken Off

The title of this Bim Sherman compilation set refers to the fact that the assembled tracks have been lifted from a selection of albums previously released on the singer's own Century label and brought together here by way of an introduction to his own stylised work.

As his music always suggests, Bim Sherman is a most thoughtful artist who has established a solid foundation for himself since arriving in this country some 15 years ago. His catalogue now numbers some two dozen LPs and due to the singer's association with the On-U collective, his music has taken an increasingly eclectic turn in the intervening period. His latest, as yet unreleased recordings feature acoustic reworkings of some of his best songs backed by an Indian orchestra and rendered in a balladic style that owes little to roots reggae, other than in lyrical content.

My own preference has always been for the series of songs recorded in Jamaica prior to Sherman's settling in this country and issued on the singer's own Scorpio label, of which most have been reissued in various formats over the years. Tracks like 'My Woman' and 'Lightning And Thunder' date from this period and, taken together with the rsst of this LP, reveal how little his burnished vocal style has changed in the interim, however much the range of his music may have evolved. Further nods in the direction of his earlier work include a remixed 'Golden Locks' and the track here called 'Poorman Life'. This latter, which is now something of a cult item, was first released on On-U Sound 10" and given the title 'Revolution', though it is in fact a reworking of an even earlier Scorpio release entitled 'Dispensation'.

For the rest, tracks like 'Over The Rainbow' and 'Drifting Away' illustrate the full blown and streamlined reggae style developed by the singer over the years, replete with female chorus and frilly guitar embellishments, while the likes of 'Slummy Ghetto' and 'Too Hot' are pointers to the hard edged funk of his recent experimental work as the Justice League of Zion.

Penny Reel
Originally published in Echoes
Re: Taken Off
March 22, 2006 02:12AM
>no mention of dub syndicate backing band?
>also happiness on shaka label is a nice dub for bim followers!

jb welda
Re: Taken Off
March 22, 2006 03:45AM
nice one jah reel. i bought this when it first came out and even though i had most or all of these tracks on original release i think its a great compilation. i dont think it is available anymore unfortunately.

one love
jah bill