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KRS 1-tonite

Posted by juanlove 
KRS 1-tonite
March 24, 2006 02:49AM
just caught wind about KRS inna chico tonite on campus.
see ya their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
one love-juan love
Re: KRS 1-tonite
March 24, 2006 06:13AM
I wonder if he will invite Adisa Banjoko.

Re: KRS 1-tonite
March 24, 2006 03:16PM
Now all type things that went on this evening
they all say they fresh but I'm here now
who you believin
who couldn't hear a hit if you hit up
what a pity, you tried to be quick wit the tongue
your style is dibbie-dibbie
you need no lyrical rush in your mumblin
whatchu sayin?
I serve you up like stove top stuffing
Im gonna say this once and I mean this
disattach yaself from my penis
give my genitals room to breathe
you take shots at me wit a weak album I cant believe
you got no skills, chill plus your corny
you think your hardcore cuz you got a 40?
my car is not tint
I dont eat wit a chip
when I read I dont squint
in real life I got the hard ****
you cant out grow me
you don't even know me
I be leavin the jam wit your black ass as a trophy
this is nobodys style but the teacher
so dont compare me to none of these creatures, features
feature and battle rappers
krs one is the head clapper
Re: KRS 1-tonite
March 27, 2006 02:45AM
how was the show?
Re: KRS 1-tonite
March 27, 2006 02:38PM
yes we need an update
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