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Emmanuel Music 7"

Posted by don julio 
Emmanuel Music 7"
March 25, 2006 05:52AM
I just picked up a seven inch of dennis brown's "here i come" with "wolf and leopards" on the b side. It is on Emmanuel Music label, just showed up on Ernie B's within last two weeks.

The sound on it is great, except for a distortion about 37 seconds into the song, on the word "be" in the line "no wish to be with no evil man".

No visual problem with the record, looks clean. Heard it the first time i played it. Seems kind of like the distortion is recorded onto the record.

Love this tune and only have the lousy weed beat press, really bummed when i heard the distortion, which sounds kind of like a skip.

I'm wondering if all the singles are like this or if mine is a fluke. If any of you own this record, I'd like to know if it sounds like mine or doesn't


jb welda
Re: Emmanuel Music 7"
March 25, 2006 05:57AM
if you dont see a flaw on your copy, i would bet it was on all and came from (im guessing) the original vinyl copy they used as a master.

just a guess though...you could always take your chances with ordering another copy.

one love
jah bill
Re: Emmanuel Music 7"
March 25, 2006 05:58AM
possible fluke..........don't have that one on 7'' but had same problem on laxley castell 'Jah love is sweeter' and found another copy and it was fine........ appearance was in equal visible condition but ernie b is good for the exchange but that may be a tuff one to get again, possible limited 7'' of that cut! good luck
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