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The Drina

Posted by The man 
The man
The Drina
March 28, 2006 12:03AM
The Drina originates on the slopes of the mountains of Maglić & Pivska planina, between villages of Šćepan Polje (in Montenegro) & Hum (in Republika Srpska, in Bosnia). Like the Velika Morava, the Drina is also a meandering river, with very high meandering ratio (175:346), still slightly smaller than that of Velika Morava. It's very fast, wild river, with cold and greenish water, which is a result of limestone that makes most of the area where river carved it's bed. Average depth is 1,5-3 meters, deepest being 12 at Tijesno. On average, the Drina is 50-60 meters wide, but it ranges from only 12-20 m also at Tijesno, up to 200 m at Bajina Bašta and Ljubovija. Drainage basin covers 19.570 km², stretching to Bosnia & Hercegovina, Serbia & Montenegro and Albania. On it's course, the Drina carved many gorges: 45 km gorge between Suhi Dol & Biserovina, 26 km long Međeđenska klisura (gorge of Medjedja, Serbian: Међеђенска клисур&#1072winking smiley and 38 km long and 1 km deep Klotijevačka klisura (gorge of Klotijevac, Serbian: Клотијевачка клисур&#1072winking smiley. The narrowest part of Međeđenska klisura is already above mentioned Tijesno, which is 8 km long, where river is narrowest (12 m) and deepest (12 m). In it's lower course and near it's mouth, river created the largest flood plain in former Yugoslavia, which it divides in two halfs, eastern Mačva in Serbia, and western Semberija in Bosnia. There river meanders, creates shallows, islands and sandbars which resulted in several course changes, as previously it flew into the Sava near Šabac, 30 km to the east from present mouth. Sometimes it floods it's valley, the most disastrous being the flood in 1896. when town of Ljubovija was completely destroyed and rebuilt on higher altitude.

Re: The Drina
March 28, 2006 12:15AM
one time it rained & my backyard got pretty wet...
Ras Patat
Re: The Drina
March 28, 2006 02:26AM

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