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Posted by SisMenenI 
June 21, 2004 08:35PM
I was thoroughly IMPRESSED... I didn't expect so much fire from that youth, his message was upfull and strong and he came with 0 slackness. His humility was felt and apparent by his willingness to reason and trod the festival...
Re: Gentleman
June 21, 2004 08:54PM
Ditto for me, and maximum RASpect to Detour Posse for doing such an impressive job backing him. From where I was listening it sounded as though these guys had been playing together for years.
Re: Gentleman
June 21, 2004 09:35PM
Yes big up to the detour posse! I was able to watch them rehearse and that was the first time they worked together. Gentlemen just kind of told them the variations that he put on a riddim (leave us alone is on street sweeper etc.) and then the band would just work it out in one or two takes. Gentlemen mashed the place up he came off stage and was very receptive to fans waiting to talk to him. What is funny is how the artist will cruise the crowds unnoticed. Gentleman toured the shopping areas and the campgrounds. No one noticed. I saw Warrior King do the same thing last year.
Re: Gentleman
June 21, 2004 10:16PM
That performance was excellent! I'll definitely be watching out for his name!!!! Can't wait to see him again!

Mos def big up Detour Posse! U all repped it! smiling smiley
Re: Gentleman
June 21, 2004 10:34PM
Detour Posse from Long Beach!!!
Re: Gentleman
June 22, 2004 02:29AM
My fav for sure! Conscious dancehall returns! Continues! Trod on!Gentleman helped us feel more love. Give thanks!
Re: Gentleman
June 22, 2004 05:37AM
gentleman was incredible....i cant believe that was the first time detour posse played with him...the whole set sounded so tight.
Re: Gentleman
June 22, 2004 07:38AM
SICK!!!!! Better than I expected. I was blown away by the fact that he and Detour had never played before. Seemed like they've been playing together for years. Any doubters better recognize!!!!
Re: Gentleman
June 24, 2004 08:28AM
Well, 420plenty, here is a doubter for ya.

First you should know I consider Gentleman to be one of the most exciting new reggae artists internationally, and his appearance at SNWMF was one of my main reasons for travelling to California this past weekend. He delivered on Saturday night. Ultimately, I was not disappointed.

The other thing you should know is that I speak as a musician who has, like Detour Posse, backed international reggae artists with little or no rehearsal, so I appreciate the challenge that Detour Posse was facing.

HOWEVER, while Detour Posse did an acceptable job of backing him (nuff respect to them-- it was certainly better than Fully's band disappointing Alton Ellis Friday night) I felt it was extremely obvious that they were rather unfamiliar with Gentleman's material. I would much rather have seen him backed by a stronger band, such as Wadi Gad's crew or the band that backed Beres & family on Sunday. While Detour knew all the right riddims, they rushed several songs so fast that even Gentleman couldn't keep up and stumbled over lyrics. Tempo is damn important in reggae. That goes double when you're dealing with rapid-fire dancehall lyrics! Fortunately Gentleman is a pro and covered well, fooling (I think) most of the audience. Again, nuff respect to Detour Posse, it was irie, but it was not quite the world-class show it could have been.

I'm not a hater, just a perfectionist! It was an irie set! Gentleman in 2005?

Jah guide & protect!
Sis April
Re: Gentleman
June 24, 2004 03:14PM
Well he fooled me--- that bwoy mashed it up!
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