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where was TABBY?

Posted by side watcher 
side watcher
where was TABBY?
June 21, 2004 10:07PM
anyone know what the story was?
crystal geyser
Re: where was TABBY?
June 22, 2004 02:18AM
yes... where were mighty diamonds? why the silence?
Re: where was TABBY?
June 22, 2004 02:24AM
There was an announcement posted at the venue stating that Tabby had been held at imigration in Los Angeles and that the Diamonds performance had been canceled.

I don't know if Bunny and Judge performed at 'Old School Jam' in L.A. on Sunday or not.
Re: where was TABBY?
June 22, 2004 02:33AM
tabby seems to have a habit of not showing up. i was afraid it would happen and it did. luckily the promotors had the good sense to just cancel the thing rather than have the two backup guys embarrass themselves as ive seen them do in the past. it aint the diamonds without the lead singer! this just left more time for carlton livingston, briggy and don carlos imo.

one love
jah bill
Re: where was TABBY?
June 22, 2004 07:52AM
Yeah it was unfortunate that they cancelled, but the lineup didn't miss a beat. Doug mentioned something about a surprise guest after announcing that the Diamonds weren't coming, who was it? I never heard him state who or what it was? Was it Carlton performing with Briggy?
Re: where was TABBY?
June 22, 2004 04:25PM
i believe the special guest that he mentioned was Illey Dread. wow, what a weekend, Im still feeln da vibe.....love and bless up!.....everytime
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