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Can anyone ID this tune

Posted by Daniel 
Can anyone ID this tune
March 29, 2006 03:11PM
a request out of Uruguay for an ID of a tune with these lyrics:

Life is an illusion…
(Its your)… point of view
It sometimes make me happy
Sometimes its made me blue

…times I wonder
Where is this place call me

Brother is no wonder
By don’t care (miss in your sleep)

There is no reason why…
No man or bird can fly..
Like angels birds and (bees)….
Who take (themselves likely)

Jah rastafarra or Your rastafarra or Jah rastafarri or Your rastafarri (cualquiera de estas es el estribillo)
Your rastafarra
Your rastafarra
Your rastafarra

Where in a situation
Where living every day
But a joy with feeling
I just got to say

But extreme importance
Somewhere in my life
I will find the feelings
Upon the spirits fly
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