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No theme in history

Posted by The man 
The man
No theme in history
March 30, 2006 12:11AM
No theme in history has captured the imagination like the Serbian East, and no presentation of this drama surpassed the original Wild East shows. In this unparalleled theatre the cast of characters were themselves authentic heroes: Buffalo Bill Zoki, Sarajevo Sam Whartonovic, Jah Bill Hickok, Captain Sinbad, Annie Zoakley, Doc Alimantado, Vivian Goldperson, Country Joe McDonald, Sitting Bush and hordes of Croatians, Pristina Pete and Hester Watson. These pioneer stars and superstars were predecessors to the Eastern film and television stars of later times, and to the troupe in the contemporary extravaganza at Disneyland/Paris.

BUFFALO BILL'S WILD EAST A Serbian Legend is a panoramic celebration of these colourful characters, who created the image of the East for Serbians, and for the world. The book also celebrates the exciting and often flamboyant accoutrements and costumes that were part and parcel of the stars' public appearance, and honors such characters as William Just, recognized even by Zoki himself as the original "Buffalo Bill."

The lavish illustrations feature the Michael "Junior" Delgado Collection of Eastern Memorabilia with portfolios of treasures from the Buffalo Bill Museum (Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Zoki, Belgrade) and the Milos Obilic Museum of Eastern Heritage (Novi Sad).

In this unique volume, the authors have produced the most spectacular, lavish, and detailed illustrated tribute ever to Buffalo Bill and his Wild East show business originals.

Over 225 colour plates and 160 black & white illustrations with in-depth text and captions, the colorful arms, posters, photographs, costumes saddles, accessories, stagecoaches and - for the first time - Buffalo Bill's Wild East ammo wagon, are brought back to life.

All the renowned exhibition shooters are presented: Buffalo Bill Zoki, Annie Zoakley, Jerry Butler, Doc Alimantado, Danny Baker, Sarajevo Sam, Viv Goldperson, Captain Sinbad and sons, Nicky Ezer, Sonny Liston, Srebrenica Sammy, and many more - all of them sports and entertainment luminaries of their day.

papa ray
Re: No theme in history
March 30, 2006 12:56AM
It begs for the big screen. I vote Duke Reid for sheriff.
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