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Reviews and opinions.

Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 02:12AM
OMG!!!!!!!! Just got back from the fest. Noyce!!!!!
Just wanted to post some things that keep apearing on this tape loop of a memory i have......
Pros- Beautiful people- both ladies and gentlemen....
I'tes vibes....
Rocker 'T mashing up the village stage.....more fya"!!
MAD HERBs GOING on!!!!!Sharing is swell!!!!!
Did i mention beautiful people..?
I HAVE BECOME MUSIC, what the......??
DANCE HALL Mashup ----SAT night , boom SHOt !!
Shuttle into town........"how much for ice and beer!!!!???"
CONS- Wasted hippies,,,,,puking, "whooping" all night long, you know who you
are, it might feel good to YOU, to yelp like a crippled dog but to others
who are "in the zone" it can be very "anoying"..yeah i'll just leave it at
DUST- they should have drove the water truck through the dance floor
between sets.. "jumpjumpjumpjumpjump!!!....." instant Pig Pen cloud..
(Big Up 2 the water truck driver though,4keeping it down in the camp
People that dont say "HI" when you say ""Hi"---"Momma dun teach
you no manners son???"--so what if i dont know you, so what if i am not
part of your travel group/tribe/part of the country ...etc..
People that trip when you bump in to them----"SOOOORRREEE,
um yeah im on dusty hill, can i get by, oh i forgot you purchased this
parcel of land with your ticket price".....Pahleeze...maybe you should
sit in the back where you wont get bumped.....?
Not getting the # of the gal i was talking to after M.FRNTI---
I really regret this one -(email me if you read this-i thought you lived
in Santa Barbra)

OK this is just for starters..i am sure you all have lots to post...what did you like, love, hate-strong word,would have changed if could...
alright i've got a date with the sand man, check ya later

Raspect where respect is due....
Big up the man called Selassie, i and i savior, RAS TAFARI!!!!!!!
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 02:30AM
best: carlton livingston and briggy in combination with wadi gad, hux brown and ralston grant in band. worth the price of admission for that alone if you ask me.

best: same situation in dancehall friday night with downbeat replacing wadi and crew.

best: tokyo ska paradise orch

worst: im kinda tired. oh and that idiat bwoy andrew tosh business.

one love
jah bill
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 03:40AM
Thumbs Up:

1 Friday Nite dancehall w/downbeat the ruler and guest djs...great stuff

2 Excellent weather...not too hot

3 Saturday: Fully Fullwood set in the AM and the Tokyo Ska Show at Village stage that night...pure madness

4 Sunday: Winston Jarrett set on the Village stage and Marcia
Griffith on the Valley Stage

Thumbs Down:

1 Andrew Tosh incident

2 Political Rants

3 Intrusive searches by security on Sunday...no cans? since when?
And making people open juice jars so they can smell for alcohol
is way over the line...what was all that about? Are they trying to
emulate the LA reggae festival scene...what the hell for?
Ugly vibes at the gate to start off your festival day...thumbs down!

Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 03:52AM
watch out for the cops comming in thrue town next year on Thursday night... Hit us up for a cracked tail light......then wanted to search my car.... Still I said hello to the cop in the morning at the store
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 04:33AM
Sis April
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 05:24AM
Big Ups:
-DEZARIE! And Vaugn and Crew present for the FYAH! The Empress came strong and blazed it hotta than ever! Make room for St Croix crew on main stage next year
-Gentleman: who blew I mind and superceded all expectation
-TSPO: who made missing main stage sooooo worth it! These guys rock and I beg of you BRING THEM ON MAIN STAGE NEXT YEAR
-MUCH LOVE WITH JAHherb and whatnot- super kind vibes in RV parking
-Much Raspect for Raspect show unto I during the whole festival
-The IDREN, the families and blessed youth that grace this festival with Love
-Sabbatical, Gentleman, and all the bredren mingling with the audience all weekend. Nuff Raspect!
-The little dancehall in the camping area- started moving just as InI got shut downsad smiley
-Much glory to all those that were hailing HIM, itinually, on stage and all around. the army is rising in numbers. Give thanks! RASTAFARI Liveth and reigneth

- PARKING NIGHTMARE!!!! InI got there at 6:20 am on friday and were almost the last RV rig to get parking. InI witnessed a massive arugement by the parking crew that held us up over 15 minutes. I suggestion::: PAY A GOOD PARKING CREW AND GET YA MONIES WORTH! Down with volunteer nonsense in the parking lot!
-SHUTTING DOWN FOLKS EARLY- Come on- it's a festival!
-Nitrus galore. Where's the security when ya need them? I saw all kinds of tweekers running balloons all night. bad vibes. Not cool!!!!! InI bus got walked for nitrus search--- why do these guys get it in????
-Drunk and spun locals stealing from all the heads at camp. BOOOOO!
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 22, 2004 05:43AM
awesome performances:
femi kuti with a spiritual, energetic performance reminiscent of his legendary old man, may his spirit rest gently
dezarie, empress from st croix with socially conscious, uplifting lyrics and beats
alton ellis, pure soul rock steady, crooning like no one else can, sore throat and all
burning spear, horns resonating, congos blazing, message loud, clear and conscious

i came with my wife, 2yr old daughter and couple friends with 3 yr old son ..all of us first timers at swnmf...festival's vibe we found kid and family friendly and we left with the feeling that we will be back every year! thanks to the organizers, artists, volunteers for making this an unforgettable experience for us!!!
much love'n.respect
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 23, 2004 02:46AM
yellow lion in OC
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 23, 2004 11:31PM
Still no luck with the blonde sista after M. FrnTe.
Shucks,,...i guess that wlll teach me...not to be shy................
Next year.........
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 23, 2004 11:32PM
Still no luck with the blonde sista after M. FrnTe.
Shucks,,...i guess that wlll teach me...not to be shy................
Next year.........
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 26, 2004 07:24PM
thanks for the big ups. -- i drive the water truck. i do try and drive trhough the concert bowl (before the venue opens and again after it closes) but the risks of trying to clear the bottom of the bowl for the water truck (not to mention the interfearence with the sound/sight of stage) are somewhat prohibitive to do during the set changes. We are trying to come up with a viable hose based system to water the front portions of the bowl.
once again though thanks. you'd be surprised at the number of people who fuss at me.

Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 26, 2004 07:54PM
The heck with water trucks. They outta put down some old carpeting both in the photo pit as well as the front of the stage to keep the dust away....
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 27, 2004 07:42PM
only complaint i* have about feastival besides dust dat covered thick upon everyone & everyting is the parking staff waz a no helper to cause. first of all gate did open @ 9am to really not be opened @all. it waz jammed up creating problems from start. second: out of the 20 people with staff shirts i* asked about where the heck is the family campground not one could help on how iNi family could get dar till after i* went through full traffic jam & back through hell to finaly get some kind worker to help with the problom. by this time iNi r'@ ticket & info booth stomping feet &its about noon now & the family haz been stuck in hot car for hours now & still no place to sett camp or mek lunch). not only did some of snwmf staff act like it waz not dar problem some started to get pissed @ iNi for even asking like it waz a bother to dem. i* give hats off to the few who really tried to go out of there flag pointing way to get the issue resolved. more training on how to deal with family attendents is a must here "please". once the muzak got on the way the vibes cleared up many,many hourz later but what a way to short fuse the i*dren after driving all nite long just to get dar on time.(probley should have came late,ha ha). -RASpects+
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 27, 2004 07:50PM
Old carpet! HA, that's great! Really like that idea....except sometimes it is kinda fun to dance in the dirt! What I should've done this year was brought my battery-op shower head and sprayed down the dance area. Was too lazy to carry stuff and buckets of water though....

And yes, the parking situation has yet to be refined but they keep trying different things each year and eventually they'll get it worked out. I tried last year on this board to suggest a contest where a free pass could be won to whoever figured out the smoothest way for entry in this venue. Oh well...no one wanted to address that one and probably not still. No need to let everyone sit in the car all hot...ya gotta get outta the car and stretch your legs! Doncha know? Hopefully you'll have a better experience next year...it's gotten better for me each year.
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 27, 2004 11:25PM
thanx for your positive review of the fully fullwood set on saturday morning...means alot....we've been working hard....nice to be appreciated!....andrew mcintyre
Re: Reviews and opinions.
June 28, 2004 06:47PM
from the press tent to the main stage, we'd like to thank Fully and Crew for a) playing the best in reggae music, but also thank you all for giving us a sweet set for fans of the mystic man, Peter Tosh. When the Wailers come through, it's like a sing along, and I know looking around that Bob is there in all hearts, on all lips and I was so glad people got the same kind of opportunity with Peter this time. I think you guys did a scorcher and LOVING tribute to Peter, not a rippoff to the memory of Peter. I would have like to seen Andrew Tosh sing with you all but that didn't happen and I am sorry for that....reading some of the other posts, I see that apparently Andrew was coming to SNWMF to tell you guys thanks for playing Peters music, or was it to blast fire at you for "improperly" playing Tosh music. Having caught this "celebration" twice, I heard no clunkers no misses, just perfect love and admiration. You can see it in the crowd, thin at first, I'd have like to seen that performance late Sat night instead of first thing, but by the end of the set, people were rocking
It is not easy to do what you musicians do, traveling and often not getting respect you all deserve. I wish we'd not had the end result of Andrew winding up in Jail, but again, we do give thanks for the Tosh Tribute and for all the Fullwood Crew years of devotion to the music and the brilliant playing....
Big Jim www.UptownTopRanking.com
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