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The LeperKhanz!!

Posted by Willy 
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The LeperKhanz!!
March 30, 2006 08:46PM
You should have the LeperKhanz play. Their Irish influenced reggae is truly a new thing.

Re: The LeperKhanz!!
March 30, 2006 09:06PM
--> the live show can incorporate bits and pieces of anything from thousand year old sea shanties to NWA or Rage Against the Machine.


--> "...mix of intense high energy Irish music, heavy psychedelic tones, and feel good pub favorites ......their music sounds like a bunch of crazy ass pirates on steroids."
- The Irish Herald -

tru, tru...

nice tek on Finnigans Wake...

mebbe its cas a I Irish descent, think dem kinda nice, diffrint, but it wouldn't last long in I cd playah

chek fi ya self...

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blessid love
ras danny
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Re: The LeperKhanz!!
March 30, 2006 09:17PM
interestin' anything like the band Pogue? crazy upbeat Irish pub music influenced by many styles. Pogue gotta lot ah Ska vibe, imo. any thoughts as to de' contrast?
Re: The LeperKhanz!!
March 31, 2006 09:43AM
Listening to Cottage in the Grove now - and could easily be slipped into a Pogues set, but this is the first song I've heard from them so I'll reserve judgement. I'm ALL for throwing some Celtic vibes into the mix - Gaelic Storm (also from SoCal) is top notch - what d'ya say Warren and Gretchen? Lets get the "hippies" dancing to some jigs and reels... =D
Re: The LeperKhanz!!
March 31, 2006 10:24AM
Very nice indeed - the vocals are quite a bit rougher than the Pogues - but it adds to the pub-like "underground" feeling. This will get more rotation in my playlists for sure.

Oh yeah - W. & G., the Wicked Tinkers are also good festival entertainment - and they don't even require a stage most of the time - they just wander around and play for people...might be interesting to see what happens when they stumble upon a drum circle.

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Re: The LeperKhanz!!
April 14, 2006 08:08PM
They have some reggae tunes they do as well. Not too much on the current album, however "All for me Grog" is a one drop I think..... Their live version of "Dirty Old Town" is a really heavy steppers beat though.