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Posted by aka_richie 
March 31, 2006 11:52AM
i feel that spring is coming on
i feel it all (up) in my bones
a feeling that no-one could explain
so all i could do is call it spring

you know everything about me is fine
i feel so happy all the time
aw you know i been so cool
now that spring will send me to you

we'll be together first of spring
just swill a glass of wine, i'll explain
the reason that we had been apart
and all of the things i had in my heart

lets show the world how strong our love
by all the stars and heaven above
what people say won't mean a thing
'cause in our hearts we'll know it's spring

recorded by 'birdlegs and pauline (and their versatility birds)' us vee-jay 510

compiled onto a great vee-jay album 'soul meeting saturday night hootenany style' [uk issue 1968 joy LP122]

sound sample: [www.amazon.com]

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