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Shaking Ras Michael?

Posted by mojag 
Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 05:14AM
Did y'all see Ras Michael Sunday evening?
Now, I don't know if it was me or what, but they were playing a song, that went on and on and on, no change, no progression, nothing..... singing? same thing, over and over and over and over..... no change, nothing....
well, after a while, I was looking around, and it seemed 3 or 4 people and I made eye contact, raised our shoulders as though we weren't sure if it was going to end.
It was curiously repetative to the point I was almost going to check out the other stage.
Suddenly, a man from the audience gets on stage and shakes Ras Michael, as if to say, "snap out of it man!!!". Well that confirmed Ras was a broken record. But still, they snatched the man off stage, and Ras continued to repeat....
the music stopped, and he continued to continue, and continue....
The croud was confused but still accepting of this repetative loop.

Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 06:18AM
thats the style ras michael plays. nyabingi meditation music, at least some songs are.

one love
jah bill
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 08:18AM
Nyabinghi is that way some Ras Michael recordings are over ten minutes long; I loved it. The guy jumping on stage was a little scary after seeing Andrew Tosh's antics the night before.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 03:18PM
Ras Michael touched my soul with his hands.. on Sunday night..
It was a beautiful thing to have the opportunity to see Ras Michael at a festival.. And plus the cookie lady made everything all right all day and all weekend...
Jah Bless and Thank you everyone for such a irie weekend..
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 03:21PM
who da cookie lady?
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 03:23PM
One Love...Ras Michael and band.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 04:53PM
For me it was the best way to top off the weekend! I thought he was the best act myself. Even though my legs had turned to jelly by then, we were still dancing for his entire set... I also loved that the Sons of Negus are recruiting some youth to play along and keep the binghi flowing for years to come. That keyboard player looked 18! (more than proved his chops though). Under Ras Michael, Ras Menelik (who was obviously having a great time - big smiles!) and Rocky's guidance they will keep spreading the vibes for years to come!

Hope to catch them in Monterey!
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 06:38PM
I think the guy that came on stage was actually massaging Ras Michael!! That was some funny ****. That poor hippy kid was feeling it so much that he had to go up and give the Ras a rubdown!!!!
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 06:42PM
Yes - he was giving him a massage, in fact he was so mellow about it that security took a moment to notice - Ras Michael didn't skip a beat! We had a good laugh about that one...
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 08:37PM
you all got me cracking up.. for real.. massaging him??
The repetetive chants and drumming is the way of the Nyabinghi.. to hold a meditation and be there, feeling the message. Traditionally, to beat the binghi drum is to beat on the pope's head.. very serious meditation..
Give thanks for the blessed sounds of the Nyabinghi by Ras Michael, Rocky and Ras Menelik..
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 08:44PM
Ras M. set was amazing. I was right in front of the guy that jumped on stage. He gave him a shoulder and neck massage. After he came back down he asked me if I was feeling the music as much as he was. He was just really, really into it.
I was too but not to the point where I would interupt them.
I loved the repetitive song. It actually made me go into a zone/trance. Very cool. I just closed my eyes and let the music move me.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 10:40PM
It's no secret - Ras Michael is a reggae artist with massage for everyone to feel.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 10:42PM
I've often heard people refer to reggae music as the "massage music"- or is that the "message music"?
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 10:50PM
Yes - the massage is the music, and the music is the massage.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 22, 2004 11:19PM
ras micheal was unreal. one of the best performances i have ever seen. everyone has a right to their opinion but if u werent feeling that performance something aint right witchoo. i was skanking in the front row (stage left) for like an hour with my daughter on my shoulders and ras m looked down at us and then made a point to give tanks an praises to the children. then he looked at me and wished everyone happy fathers day. freaking awesome.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 12:21AM
ras michael - best in show. beautiful drumming. and when they were taking the "satta massager" off the stage - ras michael did say "get off the stage" altho ras michael did not seem too upset by it all. great way to end the festival. too bad so many were hanging with franti etc that they missed this performance.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 04:01PM
Postive love and Respect for making it to SNWMF 04, one of my favorite performers, friend and teacher, Ras Michael
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 07:45PM
"Suddenly, a man from the audience gets on stage and shakes Ras Michael, as if to say, "snap out of it man!!!"."

this is not tru. the young gentleman got up on stage are started rubbing Ras Michael in a loving/massaging way. rubbing his shoulders and praising Ras. not like mentioned above.

ras micael was a great highlight. the negative energy that surruonded I truly shows on this board.

why all the negative whispers in such a positive place? don't know but i can see by reading these post i know where all those negative whispers in I ears was coming from.

chant it down children and live with love for iever more.

sellasie I lives for Iver more.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 07:58PM
ras michael was one of the best shows of the weekend.

i was chilling with my wife who has to deal with me while i run all over the place trying to catch every artist and "experience the experience" so i finally slow down and relax with her....after hearing a few tunes I had to leave her chilling in the back and go up front...

he sounded amazing and his message was on point. he came across to me as a great performer and a great person.

no negativity for ras michael
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 08:50PM
Three days later and I'm still feeling the perfomance. After his first encore I was walking to the exit and I heard cheers so I went back to seeing the band take the stage again. It was a great show best I've seen. I was upfront as well and I was upfront in a trance. Brilliant!
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 23, 2004 08:57PM
Ras Kinchelow - what negativity are you refering to - I see a whole lot of love and appreciation in this post! Seems like people scan thru real quick and miss the message....
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 24, 2004 01:53AM
he was reffering to the first post downing ras's show, saying he almost left to see spearhead, and how he was glad some idiot went up and disrupted Ras M. very negative. but he has a right to his opinion(however wrong it is) jk lol. peace one love dugby and all the cool posters.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 28, 2004 05:05PM
Rastaman give thanks and praise wooot what a song that was a wikkid set on sunday night big up ras michael and the sons of negus who were jammin on the drums ..wikkid smiling smiley)
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 28, 2004 07:48PM
Ras is not a broken record. The one thing I hear from non reggae appreciating fans is it's too repetitive.....again NYABINGHI is meditation music and sometimes something has to be repeated like a mantra....
I was very unhappy that after asking Ras Michael to be back at the press tent, we had no press for Ras to speak with. Having helped Ras get a few shows booked here in So cal, I can't figure out where are the youth that need to hear Ras's message, people need to get the real deal, and Ras michael gives that out. With so many of Ras Michaels music being pirated in France by some french Vampire, please only buy Ras Michael music on Ras's Zion Disc Label or a US company, some of whom are still pirates.

I am glad after many years, Ras Michael got a chance to come play SNWMF, and I hope he will be back next year for more reasonings. I know Ras is very keen on teaching some people drum lessons, perhaps he can come run a drum class

really the only shaking I see Ras doing, is shaking the minds of babylon, I don't see him selling out to make cheesy fu fu albums, one of the most approachable artists too....

Ras Michael is LOVE
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 28, 2004 08:38PM
Ras was truely one of the best shows all weekend. He was amazing. I would love to see him again at SNWMF.
Re: Shaking Ras Michael?
June 28, 2004 09:39PM
Big up to you Big Jim for helping to forward the Ras Michael vibes. I felt badly that I couldn't be there for the press conference, but it was good to have him return to SNWMF after about 6 years.

I have an hour long interview with Ras Michael available at the following URL for those interested in some additional reasonings from the nyahbinghi specialist:
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