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Posted by goatfoot 
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April 01, 2006 10:24AM
Instead of paying thousands of dollars to upgrade your regular TV to an
HDTV, there is an easy fix. All you need is a pair of Super Slinky
Nylons to pull over the picture tube.
This reflects the light intensity and clarifies the the particle rays,
bringing the true HD colour through. The cathode ray gun at the back of
your old television already emits the HUD TV picture, but the glass in
the front of the tube cannot handle the projected angle of the wave
lengths. The Molecular design of the Nylons, acting as a filter allows
that HD TV signal to come through.

This was first discovered in Sweden but quickly covered up by the major
television manufactures as this would greatly hurt their business. If
you don't believe it, just try it at home. This Saturday 4/1 would be a great time to try it with friend and family as most of the major networks have new HDTV shows coming on.

Kill your Television
April 01, 2006 04:54PM
Yep, sounds like a real "cover-up" to me too...
thanks for bringing my attention to the date...
April 01, 2006 05:46PM

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