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So who got together?

Posted by fourtwentyplenty 
So who got together?
June 22, 2004 07:34AM
I got to meet a few of you:

Forwardzion - Caught up with this cat on the walkie talkie. Anyone else try to use the 9-13 frequency? It was nice chatting with you and sharing some sacriment on Saturday. Too bad we didn't see each other again. Would have liked to meet Stevo and Pale Ryder, but I guess another time. We're not that far from each other so maybe we can connect for a show in the bay area.

regpara - I guess I didn't meet you since we had met before. I didn't realize it was you. Had a great time hanging with you. Hit me up on e-mail so we can talk about accomodations for the next fest. You can crash at my place for sure.

jah bill and daniel - unfortunately I did not find an opprtunity to meet you guys although you were pointed out to me. Maybe next time. Thanks again for the knowledge on the board. Keep your fingers on the pulse.

Thanks to the guys at the R.A.W. booth for the food and water to keep me going.
Thanks to Tom Pearson, Aaron, Ishmael and Jah Breeze for the reasoning and discussion.

Heard my friend Sis Adaria bumped into bun n cheese while in line at one of the vendor booths.

Those I wanted to meet - Dubguy, Sis April, Sis MenenI, zana, dirtweed, J , Sis Sanae and others. We'll have to wait for the next event. I'll probably be at ROTR. Still debating the high school folly.

No sign of PKW or jahmeek. sad smiley


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Sis April
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 04:07PM
Blessed Love
InI was surprised that I didn't get to meet more folks from this phorum! On thursday night the new melones crew was pretty bunk! But I did get to meet
Sistren K MenenI (Hail Empress!)
DJ Rasta I
Kabir (much love I bredren!)

It seems there was another one or two but InI am forgetting who....

RasTaFarI Liveth
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 04:22PM
lets see, first night of thursday camp out in Melones, met sistren april, dj rasta. and dubguy.. second night at angels camp, camped together with Dubguy, Sisteren Sanae, Ital j, and silly squirt camped next to us..
thank you to all i camped with i had the best time. Big Up too Ital j gave us laffter with his his adam sandler look alike. "Well Woopty Doo"smiling smiley. Sanae, sweet girl , miss ya!! dont forget, your beautiful!! Dubguy , mellow guy you!! thanks for the beers and the kick back time in the shade i will see you soon on my way back up there, you big teddy bear!!!. silly squirt glad we meet thanks for the smiles and the hawaiian cluster nuts they are the so so good.
d bone, take care of sistren sanae yer a good guy man to her. Oh and you too made us laff with yer wit. Give it up for the chunes , thank you D. I realy hope that again someday we meet up in the future for sum more good times and chunes..
"Get outa there "
Luv you guys and miss you!!!
P.S... d bone ,sistren sanea and ital j.. this is my see ya later. i know you guys were in a hurry monday and didnt get a chance for hugs and thanks. you guys had a long drive back. Keep in touch !!!
I wish i got to meet more of ya guys maybe next time until then
Much luvs~~~~~~

Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 05:01PM
Star Congo summed it up (hung with my new friends the whole weekend) - but I also got to say hi to Jah Bill (I still owe him a beer! - I'll have to e-mail bout that one - LOL) - hope to meet the rest of you too (next time!)
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 08:54PM
Hey all. I was at the Trade Roots booth at 10:30 on Saturday like planned. No one was there so I left. I was at the stage left during Midnite but I was backstage. I didn't want to yell out anything just in case no one made it or those who did were not right up front.
There is always next year, or those who live in Sactown there is always Poolside.
Glad everyone had a great time!
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 09:46PM
Sorry I missed you Z-ana - I went by the Trade Roots Booth too, b4 and after getting my mocha - but only 1 couple browsing a few things and I wasn't too sure of the time...maybe next time: you going to ROTR? I met some folks I know only from the festivals (have camped next to them many times - just always seems to work out that way!) who live in Sac (I'm near Chico) that are thinking of going. Hope you had as much fun as I did this weekend!
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 10:35PM
Hey StarCongo,

Beautiful Empress. We rushed off and didn't get to say goodbye and give hugs. We really enjoyed your company. We must all get together again for Congo Tribe part Duex.
Tell Cliffhanger we are still waiting for him to jump off.
I need to get your contact info so we can continue to link up.
Give thanks for all the sharing and caring Congo Tribe.

John, Give thanks for all your cool contributions.

Ital Adam, I mean J, never forget you man.

I hope we all keep in contact :my email is sistersanae@yahoo.com cell 760-695-7449

Much More and Much More Love,
Sista Sanae
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 10:40PM
Hail Sistren April!!! It was such a blessing to link with the I smiling smiley
I pray all the I's had a blessed time and the music moved everyone in a positive light.

Blessed Love
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 10:45PM
Sista Sanae - it was great hangin with you too. The Congo Tribe and the Ethiopian Tribe both made it to the restaurant though - what happened to you! (LOL - actually your one buddy gave us the scoop - Dan Maui? what was his name again?). Got your e-mail and will stay in touch - and you better stay connected with Adam (I mean J!) - aren't you guys like only blocks apart - C'MON NOW! Say hi to Ebo!
Re: So who got together?
June 22, 2004 10:58PM
Of Course. Well I am glad to hear Congo Tribe and Camp Ethiopia made it to the restaraunt. Luckily we left when we did because we didn't get home till 10:00pm.
Did you all break bread together? Did you all get to meet and share good vibes?
Ethiopia and Congo will unite again.
Reggae on the River????
A few of our family was in Ethiopia visiting the homeland. Also Ethiopia would like to camp again. Will keep in touch to let you know.
(Dawg Mawi was his name.)
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 12:26AM
i actually met bun n cheese - and i think i am all the better for it. spoke with jahbill but he seemed distracted/busy. i thought "j" was going to get us all together with a post on wednesday before festival. whahappen j?? and i think we all got acquainted with zoki who ran into the fire hydrant friday.
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 12:34AM
Who is Zoki?? Is this some insiders joke or is this an actual person?
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 03:02PM
HA, yeah, dirtweed rolled by my camp and said he was Jahmeek. Good onesmiling smiley

I ran into Juan Love, was not in a state to talk.

Saw JB at the store Friday morning.

I always run into Solid.

I ran into DJ Rasta-I, Your CD's will be there soon. It is worth the wait.
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 03:08PM
Oh, I was introduced to Daniel again and Sis AAA for the first time.
jb welda
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 05:55PM
zana zoki is a friend of mine from eastern europe. he is a very interesting person with some often off-topic things to say. he was not at the show. there are a lot of inside jokes between the few of us who know each other and thats where much of what he says comes from. we all frequent the message board sponsored by the record label blood and fire in england...www.bloodandfire.co.uk is the address i think if you want to read some good conversation about music (mostly) often authored by long time authorities in the music esp from the uk angle, like penny reel, dave hendley, steve barrow, russ disciple, bunch of other folks who contribute and colloborate and compile releases for many labels.

hope that helps

one love
jah bill
Re: So who got together?
June 23, 2004 07:08PM
i couldnt find anyone i was pretty wastred Jah bless
Re: So who got together?
June 24, 2004 02:52PM
Bringen back to the top.. olaha swuirt.
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