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How about a horn section next year?

Posted by Kind Herb 
How about a horn section next year?
June 22, 2004 05:34PM
If there is one thing that has been lacking at SNWMF the past few years it has been a powerful horn section in the house band.

The horns for Alton Ellis, were good, but even then it was a bit obvious that they didn't know the songs as well as they could have.

So how difficult would it be to find 3-4 musicians who want to be a part of this?

You have a full year to find them and get them started on the music.

A live horn section makes all of the difference. Especially when they contribute to the overall performance, and not just serving as filler. Nothing was more disappointing to me than to hear a synth with bad horn sounds.

If you list all of the performers this year who had at least one person on a horn, you will notice that most of those performers were standouts.

And the band that stood out the most to me? Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra! They had 4 full time horn players, and the lead singer who took turns between sax and guitar.

You can't beat the feel and sound of a real horn section!

Kind Herb

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