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Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06

Posted by Ras Dress 4 Less 
Ras Dress 4 Less
Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 07:43PM
So you want to have dreads for SNWMF'06?

Dreadlocks are prolly the koolest hair style ever. Chicks dig'em on dudes, Dudes are all about'em on Chicks...theyre just plain kool.

You can use dread wax to start your dreads and they will be totally washable. After you start your dreads you won't comb or brush your hair, the idea of a dreadlock is that the hair gets tangled and knotted, then after a lil while the knots get tighter and smooth out into a dread.

You can help this process a lot by 1) knotting the hair up to start -and- 2) Using the right stuff to hold the knots together in that crucial time when they are "locking up".

The knotting can be done with a fine tooth comb, any will wurk as long as its really strong. Metal pet combs are great cuz they won't break no matter how hard you pull on'em. The proccess of dreading up this hair, or knotting it up really, (the dreadlocks happen after you wax it) is called backcombing. You backcomb the hair by grabbing a bundle of it (usually about the size of ur finger) and sliding the comb tward your head.

Ok, so you got a phatty head-o-locks, now what...well DUH..go sport'em! If you used a quality wax they should look cool as hell right after you do'em so go clubbin or sumthin and show'em off! I hear brokened silence will be thizzing heavy with a late night Sean Paul dubplate session, which would be an excellent opportunity to sport the new look.

So how about taking care of your new dreadlocks? Well thats not to hard either, you need to keep them clean...wash them about every 5 days or so. Put a panyhose nylon over your head while you wash them for the first few weeks. Wash them through the nylon with it on you head the whole time. This will keep the dreads from loosening, dreadlocks are delicate for the first month or so.

There are a few things you can do to help your dreads tighten faster. First and foremost is of course Twistin'&Rollin'. The more you twist and roll your dreads between you fingers and palms, the faster they will tighten. Do it all the time...twist those dredlocks ridin in the car, twist those dreadlocks sittin in class, twist those dredlocks while youre dickin aroun on tha net, twist those dredlocks while youre fallin asleep..you get the idea.

One thing that wurks really well for tightening dredlocks is the ocean. Dunk your dreadlocks twice a week if you can. Dunk'em and let them dry in the sun....it helps sooo much. If you don't have an ocean handy you can get stuff called "locking accelerator". It works just as good or better than the ocean and you don't even have to get sand in your underwear.

Finally I wanna leave you catz with this... Not everyone has dreadlocks, its a unique hair style. It kinda sets you apart from everyone else in a way. People tend expect you not to act like every other poser and prep when you have dreads...don't let them down.

Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 08:48PM

Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 08:54PM

are dreads required in order to dwell in inity?
Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 09:09PM
You don't have to be conscious to be Rasta, divine conception of the hair.

Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 09:11PM
Only if their as nice as yours seabass
Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 10:18PM
Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 04, 2006 10:29PM
what did I tell you? gaze upon seebass!
Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 05, 2006 01:09AM
Re: Dreads: A Must Have for SNWMF '06
April 06, 2006 11:41PM
that seabass and this blond animated gif person will definitely be dwelling in inity

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