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Shade structures @ Main Stage

Posted by norcaljahman 
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Shade structures @ Main Stage
June 22, 2004 07:02PM
Heard some great music this weekend but in the day time all I could see were umbrellas and shade structures.. Some of them not even being used, others people never leaving, I mean all day never moving. Will something be done to address this issue? Some of these structures were set up extremely close this year, at the edge of the dirt (30-50 ft. from stage). I understand the need for shade in the daytime but at the expense of the majority of the peoples views? Thanks for providing the new shade structures up top. I witnessed many confrontations around this issue, and also saw upset people who would say nothing but have to move from the spot they had held for the previous 5 hours because somebody would be rude enough to set an umbrella up less than 5 feet from thier face.. Not a word said one way or the other. Watched a pregnant lady get heckled for trying to put an umbrella up directly behind another, being used by two larger gentleman. The poor girl just grabbed her belongings and sadly walked away. Nobody said a word to the guys, even though half the day they were gone and the umbella stayed, even after dark. I am all for shade stuctures, I just feel that peoples ability to see the show comes first. Behind the soundboard for structures was a rule I have heard in the past. An announcement was made on Sunday night, around nightfall to take them down so it looks like it has been brought to the promoters attention. I hope something can be worked out..