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Wailing Souls

Posted by sideways 
Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 02:56AM
Whats up with them? Why havent they played in awhile around here?
i would love to see them play, out of many.i really love them.
do they live in JA or LA?
Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 03:09AM
scheduled to play the catalyst in santa cruz may 12th...
Ranking Yoni
Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 03:44AM
Yeah I saw them perform at Sumfest 2004 ... one of the best foundation acts on the night in my opinion !

Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 04:19PM
i would llove to see them and they have always been one of my favs the only problem with ws is they are to incinsistent, when they are good they are some of the best but when they are bad it sounds like bad nursery rhymes still got to give them big up, just wish they had more good material out there
jah bless
Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 04:31PM
Their Studio One "Row Fisherman Row" has to be one of the most heartfelt and moving tunes on the planet.
Now it'd be wikked to hear the Wailing Souls w/the Soul Vendors!

papa ray
Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 07:05PM
Stamina states the facts regarding WS w/ the Soul Vendors(HELL YES!).
Would I ever love to see that set on the stage...

However, The vibe I got earlier here about the current incarnation of WS would make you think there were some disappointing shows on the West Coast. The times I caught them that was never the case. Personally, I've played Wailing Souls for pleasure and out in the clubs way more than some other vocal groups outa JA.
Pipes got the pipes...
pale ryder
Re: Wailing Souls
April 07, 2006 07:12PM
Gee Wee!.....That would be such a treat to see them with the Vendors!
Re: Wailing Souls
April 08, 2006 01:01AM
yes it would.
hey daniel i will give u $150 bucks personally and start taking a pool
(not to sk8 in..) to do just that,(Vendors)
especially if they are really coming to the catalyst!!!
whos there promoter then.
i will book em just for a party then, to show people just how good dog bite sounds...

and if they are playing there. then there must(better) be more dates.
does anymone know if they are part of the headlining reggae community up in LA like Ras M and such?
Re: Wailing Souls
April 08, 2006 01:04AM
THANK U SO MUCH LEVI T for the info!!!
just saw their (catal) home page!!!

hope it is definite!!
cant wait!!!
Re: Wailing Souls
April 11, 2006 07:49PM

i put a call and email into the promoter of this show to see who would be backing...

try michael@pulseproduction.net for any booking links
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