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women beware anthony b

Posted by altdoll 
women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 03:47PM
Any other women have an awful experience with anthony b on his last tour? I was inspired by his show, singing righteous and love songs for women. Unfortunately, I met him after the show and got manipulated into spending time with him as he was acting, talking like he was interested in me straight, like an empress. Upon spending time with him wanting to reason, etc. I was extremely pressured into having sex with him (I would not really call it consent), have bruises from fighting him off just to INSIST he wear a condom.

This has been a very upsetting and hurtful experience, not to mention I have put my health at risk (pretty sure he spread an STD). It is tragic how far what he says and what he does are OPPOSITE. Women, please be cautious if you meet him and don't make the mistake I did.

Jah heals.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 04:00PM
come on now...kind of rape accusation is this? so rather than go to the cops...u come on a message board to cast your claims. please cease to exist...
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 04:33PM
my apology. bless

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blessid love
ras danny
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Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 04:48PM
I am sorry that this has happened to you, but you really need to go to the authorities if you feel violated. If it was consentual in any way, then you should know better. Lesson learned right. Trust should be harder to earn than respect.

Faith = Strength
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 04:50PM
Ras you mean that this forum is not the appropriate place to make accusations that Anthony B raped you and passed on STD's?
yeah mon
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 04:52PM
why no one getting mad at the fact of ppl talking bout eek & his eekperiences?
agree that if you were in fact forced--you should definitely contact the authorities & file a formal complaint.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 05:52PM
i think this is an appropriate forum.. as what will the cops do.
at this point
a rape test kit must be performaed almost immediatly

about 5 years ago i went with a good sistren of mine who had been "invited to hangout" at Anthony's hotel room. We all chatted for a while and cypher...
and than she asked me to remain outside while she went into the room with him.
in 10 minutes she can running out.. with tears straming down her face, barefoot holding her torn shirt on...
i ran after her after yelling at Anthony that this was no way to treat a woman. He said he had not meant to hurt her..
i ran after her.

i have heard he has done this to several woman.
feel free to e mail me directly if you want to talk more..
about healing and what not
but yes, woman beware..
dont go into a hotel room in general alone with a man..
usually you know what they are thinking

more love
and prays for iniversal healing

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
pale ryder
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:05PM
Wow, seems like this is an ongoing trend with some artists....
Yeah Mon, no one is getting mad about EEK, because it has been common knowledge for a long time that EEK is up to no good.....This is fairly new news about Anthony B. Fame is a dangerous thing......
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:13PM
in the future I have some advice....

1) Don't go into anyone's room after the show unless you are accompanied by a friend (preferably male) unless you plan on having sex with them.

2) Don't go behind closed doors by yourself, if you do you should not be shocked by the worst case scenario.

Is this right? Should this be the way it is? Obviously not, but the bottom line is you don't know these guys from Adam. This should not just be a warning about Anthony B thie should be a warning about any man that you do not know. Just because a guy sings some songs about peace and unity deosn't mean ****. You might think yourself an Empress or this or that, this is all irrelevant, this is the world and there is a long History of Men hurting and brutalizing women. I do not say this to be like, "you should have known better", but rather to bring to light that you need to plan for the worst case scenario's as a reality of being a woman in this world. The world is a cold hard place and it doesn't grant do over's.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:14PM
I must say Empress, if a woman tells her friend to wait outside the room so her and I can be alone, I am thinking it would be for sex. Now I wouldn't go so far as to tear her shirt or ignore a NO, but what the hell was she in there for? Are You that annoying that she wanted you out?
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:18PM
What happened to the eek thread anyway?
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:21PM
i don't understand how anybody can be given empress a hard time or trying to preach to her like she doesn'r know the basic rules of society that everyone has s o eloquently pointed out, the woman was violated, her personal space was invaded InI need to have more respect for all woman as a whole, they are the providers of JAHs world, and i always had a fealing that anthonyb was a "False Preacher" now i know it, empress you have my empathy and don't let this isolated incident shake your faith in the most high or the movement.

one love-hail HIM
jb welda
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:22PM
it was probably disappeared because its not really appropriate to be spreading rumours like those on this board, either from the original posting or the follow ups.

kind of like this current thread. look for it to no longer exist coming soon to a board near you.

one love
jah bill
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:22PM
I heard nuff things about Anthony B already to make this story believable. But lesson should be learned, artists are entertainers not holy men....expect as much from a "Rasta" reggae superstar as you would your average Hollywood rock star.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:24PM
yes chimino, this is the world, people are crooked trust very few, ecwspecially when your neck is on the line.

PS Ossie you may believe this to be the case but seeing as you were not there you cannot claim to know anything
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:25PM
true that
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:28PM
i am not claiming to know anything obviously i was not there it seems people are saying they don't believe her becasue it was anthonyb, who cares who it was it still stinks, and as a supposed roots reggae singer you do have a certain obligation to live the words you preach and if not either don't say it, or stop singing

one love
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:30PM
no you don't you should, but look at the history of the music it is full of hypocrites. I am saying be safe caue a nuff a dem a wolfman inna sheep flock
jb welda
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:30PM
>as a supposed roots reggae singer you do have a certain obligation to live the
>words you preach

so bob marley really did shoot the deputy?

one love
jah bill
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:32PM
would it suprise you?
jb welda
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:35PM
>so bob marley really did shoot the deputy?

oops i mean the shariff!

one love
jah bill
papa ray
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 06:40PM
Oh as Elder Rufus Thomas say,
' The World Is Round,
But It's Crooked All The Same'.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 09:25PM
"it was probably disappeared because its not really appropriate to be spreading rumours like those on this board"

Hey JB no disrespect but he sent those crazy letters out to the public himself, wanting people to read them! Yeah I remember a few post that were hearsay so just delete them. Most people were discussing things that are facts about things he did at shows in front of many witnesses or stuff he wrote about himself....I don't see the Andrew "cokehead" Tosh thread being deleted!!!
jb welda
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 09:37PM
if someone is shooting themselves in the foot it is often not the best idea to give them an arena to do so in. he posted that somewhere; he did not post it here. in fact it appears he replaced one letter with another, different one. but thats his doing on his website and his business.

this current message boards owners may not want to help him commit professional suicide or whatever the case may be and may want to maintain a decent relationship with him no matter what his feelings are on a specific day. typically its not a good idea to burn bridges unless necessary.

often those owners would rather just get rid of the whole thing than field questions from second guessers about why something was or was not deleted. this board is operated at their discretion and posts stay or go at their discretion.

by the way i did not delete the thread; im just guessing because someone asked.

one love
jah bill
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 09:41PM
I'm going to have to own up to the Eek thread probably being deleted because of me. A person, who I do not think regularly posts to this board, posted a reply that was fanatical in praising Eek. In the same breath, he heaped scorn and dis-raspect on this board and those who post here. I got a likkle upset and called him out. I don't know how he responded, because the thread was gone when I checked this morning. My apologies to all.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 09:47PM
True JB but I see alot of su-su goin' on on this board, such us human nature. Your probably right about the bridge burnin' as the mouse as been involved with SNWMF in the past..
Whatever retard!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 10:27PM

You went there to **** him, plain & simple. You loved every minute of it until he threw your used bootie out. That's why your here bitchin' about it now.
pale ryder
Re: women beware anthony b
April 07, 2006 11:16PM
RV, I read that post last night, it was trash, and that is being generous. I liked your responce, he had it coming. Male groupies........you gotta wonder bout that.....
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 12:10AM
Thanks, Pale. It was cathartic to compose the message, but I should've held up on clicking the Post button -- just added fuel to the flame, when the proper thing to do would've been to just let it die.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 12:10AM
I suppose this is why certain Elders I have met do not partake of the chalice with females...not chauvanistic, just trying to keep on the up and up.


Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 02:41AM
Hey RV - I caught that too, and no worries man, I hit the send button too often a bit myself, and that chump had all that and more coming...

As to the original post - if she's trying to send out a warning then that is a positive thing arising from the most negative experience imaginable, and it likely took some courage to post it. Of course you can't believe everything, but in this case (especially after some backing from a sistren we all "know"winking smiley I am leaning heavily towards believing, so ladies DO be warned...
papa ray
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 02:45AM
Honestly fellow men-folk, I check the remarks here from the thoughtful(mostly) to the inane(Retard), and some of us MUST shake our heads and chuckle some when
de women-folk act Shocked!Shocked! by the behavior of male musicians touring
on the road. That's NOT a justification for piggish behavior by men in no way;how many times have we lost respect---least-ways I do---when there's some guy you
get along wid, man-to-man, but then dem reveal themselves in a debauched/debased/disgusting manner in regards to their actions towards women?

But altdoll, no offence, (and if what happened is what you said, Mr.Blair is a low-life), but I have to conclude you are, as the saying goes, ' young and simple', to place yo'self in that situation. And that's giving you the benefit of the doubt.
Good luck, and Live And Learn.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 03:10AM
wanted to meet him just as a fan couple years ago. his security on their tour bus told I to turn around and get off . i said i had kahn for him as a blessing. i got a quick glance in the back where many women were and thought that it was kindof weird to not accept kahn. cause other artists werent alwayhs like that.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 03:33AM
I don't personally know Anthony B, only spoken to him in a radio interview setting. Also don't know the woman who posted this thread, so I honestly can not say anything about this situation in particular. However, the phrase "Sex, drugs, and rock 'n' roll" also applies to reggae as well. It's part of that travelling lifestyle for a lot of artists. Basically, it's best for a woman not to go to hotel room of any man she doesn't know, unless she's planning on something. Not exusing rapists at all, I personally think rapists should get the death penalty, but people have to be smart. If you met some random guy walking down the street, my guess is you probably wouldn't go alone somewhere with him.

I still think an accusation like this, if real, should be taken to the authoritie rather than a message board. Peace

Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
Irie Sounds International
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 03:40AM
wouldnt take the offer of kahn?

i don't believe in blaming victims. no always means no.

that said, lotsa musicans are wolves and people need to know what they may be getting into by going on tour busses, hotel rooms etc. rock n roll doesn't have the market cornered on groupie bizness. sorry to hear about the shituation. pray your story (while its around online) may give someone else caution in the future so they dont have to go thru what you did, a

Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:21AM

I is not young and simple. I give thanks to all imparting healing vibrations. . . only learn and humbled by past lessons. Degrading experience, laid heavy on my heart, in the larger good reaching out to fellow i-dren in forum came through prayer as the highest resolution. the I been round the world to festivals, shows, smoked chalice in circle, reasoned with all people, musicians, rasta men and women, and blessed with profound and safe living. By this man I was trickedlllllllllllllllllllllllconsider him dangerous to sistern who value their liveity and fertility.

Prayers for healing 4 the distance male female in InI. Bless to all I-dren who step to care and give heads up to single women traveling alone to festivals. Bless.

Give thanks. Jah guide and protect I.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:33AM
stand strong and fyah pon de heathen for he know the right eh do the wrong shall face the judgement inna dis here time...........live the life you love!!!!!!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:46AM
I am still here alive and well. You guys might wanna check that movie out white back mountain you looked cute in that movie! Anyways Its funny how I put my phone number and email and nothing has been brought my way, I am looking at all the post and no one has the balls to put even a email for themsleves. I guess some have them and some dont. Either way 619, 619! Heehee
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:55AM
cos noone gives a **** about you, for-man-doe.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 06:16AM
yah spliff smoker..
smoke another in your cloudy head
you dont know **** so just spew your ignorance

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 07:02AM
I'm sorry. dats fuckery, no pun intended. If true, Anthony is a bitch and should get his ass kicked.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 07:02AM
Sorry about all of this Empress. Damn still "gunshot" makes me cry by the Mouse.
Can one be more torn?

Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 07:14AM
remind me of Kobe only this time the b aint getting paid'.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 07:18AM
I-man have reasoned widda Idrens in recent days(last year so) about Anthony. I-man lost respect for him long ago when mi realized how much slack-assness was coming like ebb & flow. I&I started ta recalibrate my opinion as he seemed to be changing for better.. but now this. It's a shame ta say da least.

He should be shamed and punished by Jah if he's guilty. Dis certainly doesn't promote good vibez fi reggae. I-man will not support a wolfman.

Tighten UP !
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 07:22AM
u think Kobe was innocent. I tink he's guilty. His facial expressions told all. Da mon was caught dutty handed, seen. imho : )
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 08:56AM
FOr real you all have nothing betta to do than squawk about on this board like abuncha hens and cocks inna the coop! Be wary and be wise that you do not fall into the temptation to spread EVIL and misfortune with more evil and misfortune. Do you not think you say a wrong thing about another man and then YOU will be held accountable forthe words you speak. ONLY JAH knows the truth aside from those that were there and even then the truth is always being pulled to one side or the other, (yet thankfullly it is an Unmovable Pillar) For those of you getting your itchy typing fingers ready , LISTEN UP. I am not saying this woman is lying or truthful, I WAS NOT THERE same as all of you! I feel for this woman what ever the TRUTH may be. she either had a grave isfortune and trespeass happen to here OR she is Starving for attention and didn't get what she wanted from ANthony. I say this because not only myself but also many sistren of mine have done this ourselves. speaking ill of a man just because he didn't notice /care/ give I what we want.

NOW the worst part is All of YOU (the reply ers) that would spread propaganda and half truths (or untruths ) with out knowing the facts! You all have your opinions but what if voicing them was not the right thing and had LONG TERM cosequences, ( like no more Anthony B, someone Jailed, This woman don;t get the proper mental help she needs, or worst another liar gets there way.

Honey (altdoll) you need to go talk to some one that can lend real support and help you to make the right chioice ( your girlfriends will uderstand , so will a counsler, or officials.) Put don't listen to the Gumbas here. and please search your heart for the truth. You have already done an honorable thing to share your fears giving our sisters a heads up.

TO you others GROW UP , and if you wnat to be helpful email the sistren for your advise or be respectful and ask her ot email you.


Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 10:12AM
Oh - we should not advise her here (and I didn't btw) - yet you are perfectly free to advise all of us in a degrading manner. Look up the word hypocrite...
Ras Easy Joe
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 01:35PM
Sistren, any mon who a force himsef pon a Sister ah Punk bouiy! You should ah report it wen it happen!

Ras Easy Joe
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 01:41PM
What ever Retard! You mus be retarded yo self! Wha if it wuz yo muddah? No means no. only soft bouiy caan overstan dat. I guess tha mean I man callin' yo soft too!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 02:30PM
OK, I see this at every show I go too. Not only to women need to wise up to man, but seriously think about situations they encounter that may leave women vulnerable to being violated. I have had experiences with Anthonly B and Sizzla and a few other artists, trying to pick up on me almost everytime they come to my area & since I was about 18. The wise women in me knows that they just want a piece of ass to play with untill they're next show or city. I have never fallen for any artists lines or false testiments, which is why at 31, I am still healthy and fertile with no diseases here. I may be still single with no seed born but I'm healthy & thank Jah that I can see through men's weak game, probibly why I am still single because I TRUST NO MAN! Other sistren I know have not been that fortunate because they continue to put themselves into situations where only two people really know what happened. Or they think that big reggae artists can do no wrong, very naive & very sad to hear wombman being violated. I'll pray for the sis, hopefully everything will be okay with her. And hopefully other Rasta Wombman will wise up next time these situations are likely to occur.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 02:40PM
bun the doubt...
Selassie run the route.....

Only Jah, jah know
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 03:51PM
the sis came here to share her hurt and to warn other sistren about what could happen with him and many men, artists or not
i didnt hear signs of false acusations in her words, though we cannot deny there are woman who falsely accuse because the next day they feel ashamed of what they did or feel hurt by what they did not get.
we all know woman like this, but i do believe the majority had a naive moment where they really believe the man.. maybe because he spouts so much positivity on stage but the hard truth is 99% of all artists are just regular men backstage.. thirsty for comfort.. and some of those 99% are willing to do whatever it takes to feel a woman beside their lonliness.
i think if the bredrin can comfront him.. that would be the best
whereever you run into him... privately.. not at an interview..
just to get him to really think about what he is doing.
we all have love for him as a muscician..
but yes. what if he did sweet talk your sister or daughter and than leave her with bruises and maybe diseases...

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:35PM
All I can say is that he's a man - and men will do whatever do hit it!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 04:52PM
I was raped by someone I knew at 14 and never told a sole until my 20's for a variety of reasons. Whatever the forum a woman feels comfortable sharing her experience should be welcomed. Especially so that the young trusting women can learn and take it to heart so that they hopefully think twice about their surroundings and learn to trust in their instincts. give thanks altdoll for your bravery to speak out. Bless and stay strong.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 05:03PM
I don't believe "men will do whatever to hit it". Or I should say, not at least a fair amount of people who were raised right to know there's wrong and right ways to do things. I've always learned that no means no. I've also learned that it isn't wise for a man to invite a woman he doesn't know somewhere for sex, because of how rape cases can often come down to "he said she said," among other problems that can arise. I've seen other artists get themselves into situations, where if the girl regretted her decision the next morning she could have easily claimed rape, or just happen to reveal that she's underage. People just have to act with intelligence in situations on either end. I still think though a claim like this should be taken to the authorities if a serious claim. Jah Bless.

Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
Irie Sounds International
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 08:02PM
unfortunately for many woman who do go to the authorities.. they are not treated with dignity

i had a horrible near rape experience when i was 15 and i did report it.. to be told by some officers thaht a slut like myself must have been asking for it

they had no proof that i was even promiscuous..
if i had not been such a strong and informed young lady.. i may have been totally shattered but i had already known that they may treat me like that so i just ignored them

most "authorites" are male...
the last person a woman who has been raped or abused wants to confide in is a man.. usually

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 08:07PM
Guide and Protect and everyone show respect- Ruler say so!!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 09:29PM

Cover-sleeve for Anthony B new album:

Re: women beware anthony b
April 08, 2006 10:22PM
I feel very bad for the sistren who was hurt or harmed in any way. Maybe something good can come out of something bad. As a woman in her fifties and having been around reggae for thirty years, I have seen and heard more than I would really would like to have known. Here is some advise for any who cares to read.

If you are ever harmed or sexually assaulted by a man, go directly to the authorities if you really want to help other women. It is a degrading, insensitive and a lousy experience to have the tests done but it is the only way to make the facts undeniable.

Too many people, men and women, confuse the message with the messenger. Yes, they should be as righteous as the music they sing or preach, but as we have learned from many false prophets, women have to be smarter than to let the 'art' draw us into dangerous situations. I know when I was younger, I had too much trust in the passion of art whether it was music, poetry, drama or painting. Art is sensuous and can be used as bait.

NEVER go to a man's hotel room alone, especially late at night, without knowing there is a good possibility a man may try to force you into something you don't want. If you find yourself there for some reason, leave the door at least half open. Do not go in to smoke ganja. That is a great excuse to get you behind closed doors. Not to blame the victim, but men receive mixed messages when you willingly go to their hotel room alone.

Lastly, if you are a woman reggae photographer, writer, dj, whatever, my personal advice is do not mix your work with intimate personal relationships with artists. Pick one or the other. They will not take your work seriously once they know that after the interview or whatever, you are a source of sexual entertainment. I chose a long time even before I was married, that I wanted to concentrate on photography, writing and dj'ing and did not mix up in other capacities. If you do, your name and reputation may well be a source of 'reasoning'at some of the studios around Jamaica. I have heard it with my own ears and from other sistren in the business who the men thought were not listening. These men not only talk, but their friends are looking for you in the crowd while they are on stage. Trust me...they know names, descriptions, cities, and what kind of sex. I have heard them talking about women I even know when they didn't even think I was paying attention.

I have no idea whether or not Anthony B is guilty of this crime, but if he is, the sistren should turn it in to the authorities as should all sistren who are abused. The responsibility is for BOTH men and women not to put themselves in compromising situations. If you are not in their bedroom or a private place alone, good chance you won't be raped. Please understand, I am not blaming anyone. I was nearly raped by a football player in college when I was not using good judgement. It took many years for me to see some of the foolish situations I put myself in especially when I travelled around the world alone. I was lucky I never had a horrible experience but we live in a different world now, one that exemplifies survival of the smartest and fittest.

Post Edited (04-08-06 15:31)

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: women beware anthony b
April 09, 2006 07:05PM
maybe the thing to do was to report this to the authorities, the concert promoter, and someone who can actually do something to help. Awareness is good, but so is taking responsibility for your own actions as well. Why did you put yourself in that position? think about it. it is always easier to place all the blame on one side of the story. reason.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 09, 2006 07:26PM
"yah spliff smoker..
smoke another in your cloudy head
you dont know **** so just spew your ignorance"

Sorry Empress must have touched a nerve eh. So why did they ask you to leave the room? To reason?
Re: women beware anthony b
April 09, 2006 08:28PM
spliff if you woul like to continue this conversation you are free to e mail me personally.


the raw nerve is insensitive people who jumpt to false conclusions based on saying something rude.. to get attention

"It takes a whole village to raise a child" African Proverb
compasionate disbelife
April 09, 2006 10:00PM
Not to ever undermine the severity of rape, but Ijust don't feel it. To acuse a man of rape and spreading a disease is just as bad as the act itself. I don't think Anthony B would rape a woman, but mabey hit it and quit it. which is not in it's self a kind act but he well ...is a man and a touriong artist, I mean what do you think happens in a hotel room. If the accusitions are as real as life then the proper athorities would have been a proper rout not a little blurb with few details and lots of negative incinuations. PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL. THE TRUHT SPEAKER.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 02:33AM
She was drunk off whiskey and gave it up...
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 05:16AM
man ya a work of somting
most likely te devil dosia
reality just dont got no place in your space
speakin of 'bless up +++'
in other rooms an what not then
come puke som more filth an nastiness all roun the place
cha you find a check someday maybe fin you soonah then you find it.
bammba klatt
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 05:21AM
chek it
'blessed love!'-V DOSIA
what nonsense is dis you speakin???
bamba klatt aint no love fe cuss cuss an hatred
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 05:24AM
?????????? I don' get what you say blazeiyah. Is it positive?
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 04:46PM
VERY sorry to hear this about Anthony B... as I admire most of his works...

I'm not saying that I'll stop listening to his music, but I sure do have a different opinion of him now!!

I must say though, what was this woman thinking when she asked her friend to leave them alone!! Not saying that she deserved to be abussed that way, but a woman must know in today's day and age to NOT get herself into such a position in the first place!! I agree that she should have reported this the minute she left his room....

Also, I do not agree with what some of you are saying about going into a hotel room alone with a reggae artist... as I have done this before and was always very well respected, so it's not ALL artists that behave this way!! Some back stage, or hotel room chats are the best... so it's not fair to knock this, as my experiences have proven to have the opposite effect and have all turned out to be very worth while experiences smiling smiley

Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 04:57PM
So one question,
would you go to the hotel room of some random man off the street if they asked you to? Cause in most cases, the women going in with these artists to their hotel rooms know them about as well as they'd know somebody who just walked up to them on the street. If you must go to a hotel room with an artist and your not expecting certain things to happen, it's wise to bring a friend (preferably male). a bottle of pepper spray probably isn't a bad idea either when going around with people who you've never met and don't know. Doesn't excuse the actions of people who are predators, but people on both ends have to think smart. Peace

Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
Irie Sounds International
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 05:06PM
Sorry girl! I hate every rape story i hear! I hear alot. Too many for sure. I wish I could cut his nuts off for you and any other women who have or will be wronged by this pile of human waste. I send love your way sister! 4
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 06:05PM
Well said, Sis Irie. I think there is wisdom to be gained when a one with wisdom gained by experience speaks...
I think her words give insight into how the how's and why's of avoiding this situation - for both men and women folk. If one is not to be victim of sexual assault or be accused falsely of the same - these words bear great counsel.
I take no sides without accuser and accused present, there can be no good judgement for any and all in such a course of action. It is a poor course to even bear witness to - as we all know, there are FOUR sides to a story : the "A" side, the "B" side, the "TRUTH", and "what gets out".

I am not happy to hear no one speak of the fact that people we don't know very well, are liable to have all kinds of habits (including sex) we don't know about.
As performing artist with more than a few years (30+) in the game, I have borne witness to groupie behavior more quite a few times. I choose to amplify Sister Irie's points by adding more:
I often ask my bredren before they make a "move" -
"Do ya know for sho' if she was with one of the band that came thru last night?"
Does her excessive drinking make her "easy-ting" or a sign that she has some serious issues workin' inna backgroun'?
Do all of the barstaff seem to know her really,really,really well? (insert "hm-m-m?" here)
Does her youthness mek her a "quick ting fe de nite" or someone who looks up to the person saying/doing these things that truly affect her in positivity (think of the letdown and heartbreak instead of upliftment you can give to someone who see us like this) and this is someone that can/will actually bring this artist more people to the next show, having been "fully received and properly converted" by the consistency and good character of the persona on and off stage.
STD's: Anyone taking that line(s) seriously? Lest we forget - there's a whole buncha dis-eases that you can catch from kissin', let alone sex with -strangers.
Condoms may or may not be a part of everyone's Traditional Belief System (blessings to ALL) here - but many Traditions either frown upon having sex with people without KNOWING them, or recognize that moment as a bonding or even marriage between the two, with ensuing RESPONSIBILITIES and ENTITLEMENTS on BOTH parts and ya get to KNOW each other as ya go 'long. Kinda "no sex without commitment, no commitment without sex" rule. It makes plenty sense in village life. Sex,we know,makes babies that need care best given by both mother and father.
So, if we choose to "new jack" the "old rules" - then condoms might have a role in the game-'specially when a fatal dis-ease can also be the result of a bad decision...
We can only "mek Love" to someone who we know, who knows us, and accepts us for who we are in that moment...Sex can fill space but not the void. Be CONSCIOUS in your dealin's. It is definitely a struggle to deal with the loneliness we sometimes face while even in a crowd. We have to keep on re-mindin' one another of our duty to leave the world a better place than we found it - to inspire others to make personal sacrifice -like spendin' another night alone, to keep pushin' forward the healing that is needed on both the personal and global level. We can never offer something that is not near and dear to us and call it a sacrifice.Even loneliness can be transformed into a feelin' of inity with good spirituality.
We never get at the root of what's feedin' on us without facin' it.
If we never seek the help we need, we can be twisted into becoming perpetrators and perpetuators in a chain of pain that only destroys what we could/were intended to be...
Be Encouraged,Be Brave, Be Aware, Be Sus-cautious!

You're a Retard, Pt. II
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 06:42PM
>>I was inspired by his show
>>I met him after the show
>>he was interested in me straight
>>I would not really call it consent

But DID you say ‘NO’???

>>wanting to reason, etc.

Um, NEWSFLASH: JA 'rastas' don't 'reason' with woman. Most won't even smoke with them, especially if their hair is not covered. I'm leaning WAY more towards the the 'etc.' part....

>>fighting him off just to INSIST he wear a condom

So your bruises are not from fighting him off from forced sex, but from a disagreement between the two of you about wearing a condom: you WANTED the sex (and thus put yourself into a really whorish situation with a guy that you didn't know, but THOUGHT you did because of a stage act that you saw him perform), but with a condom, and as I’m sure you’re aware from listening to reggae and being so brilliant, most JA ‘rastas’ won’t strap on. Afterwards, you didn’t go to any real authorities, but instead posted something on a public message board slandering someone that you basically mislead.

I mean, no offence, but did you just fall off the turnip truck or what????
jb welda
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 06:58PM
oh my, analytical thinking. someones not going to like that!

one love
jah bill
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 08:29PM
>welcome to the real world...
>souN'z like altdool got only half of wha she wanted.
>but as always the other half is still not been written. . .
>is amerikkka the only place to blame men 100% for half of there own choices?
>will a man have his rite to choose?
>it's ALL about equal rites & justice anthony B would seh' RITE!

Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 10:53PM
We are one community and its our responsibility to pick our brothers up and watch our sisters backs.

I know nothing of any performer. I do know that rape happens, and man is man. If anything, sisters take this story to heart and mind.

Too often we release the shackles of our corporate sponsored world and rush into our festival ways without thinking that we could be the prey. Maybe we partake of the chalice too much or puff too much. Whether its a man intent on harming physically or the man intent on taking our liberties away, some of our people are too intoxicated to protect themselves. Last year I had 5.0 walking thru my campsite at 2am. I didn't hear one warning. I hope that my warning that went out at 2:05 helped anyone.

I'm not sending a message of fear, I hope that our community can grow from this and learn. Watch our sisters and pick our brothers up.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 11:08PM
In regards to the post concerning how well treated some are when going to a reggae artist's room, I could say the same thing. I have done many interviews with reggae artists and not been disrespected. However, just because you go to ONE or even MANY artist rooms late at night and they don't disrespect you, does not mean the next one will behave as righteously. In fact, that same man may act respectful to one woman and not to the next. It only takes one bad minded person to force a woman into something she was not really asking for. And it does happen, more than what many people think. Does the woman deserve it, of course not, however, putting oneself into a precarious situation and hoping it goes well based on previous experience is only playing russian roulette.

The other situation I have seen and heard is for the man to tell tales on women who have been in their room behind closed doors when the story was supposedly not true. I know one woman in Texas who could not figure out why everytime a reggae band came to town some of the men were seeking her out. Well, she finally found out that an artist she smoked a spliff with one night in his room after the show, told alot of embellished stories that quickly made the reggae fraternity rounds. They don't call it a reggae fraternity for nothing. She eventually stopped coming to reggae altogether.

I personally think there is a risk in going to any man's hotel room late at night unaccompanied. However, that is each woman's right to make that decision. The purpose of this thread, though, seems to be a good warning for women to think twice before they leap. Don't mix the message with the messenger. They are not the same thing. As several people have said throughout, it is up to both the man and the woman to act responsibly. Not putting yourself in a compromising situation lowers the risk considerably. It's as simple as that.

Post Edited (04-10-06 16:57)

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 11:28PM
You're a Retard, Pt. II (---.gen.twtelecom.net) wrote:

"you WANTED the sex (and thus put yourself into a really whorish situation with a guy that you didn't know.."

I want to have sex with you right now, without condom ...In a Serbian way, you know...twisting your ears while doing it. Does that put me in 'a really whorish situation' too?
Re: women beware anthony b
April 10, 2006 11:49PM
no more than usual zoki.

Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 01:09AM
Zoki you are crazy! thanks for the smile and lightening up of this thread. Sista Irie no one has said it all better than you throughout. many thanks
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 01:53AM
Thanks for the warning. I have always found AB to be pleasant backstage but having a wrestling match with him is not anything I'd want to encounter.

No means no and as an artist, I've spent many after hours with respectable men that didn't ask for sex and were always respectful when declined. Have however been a rape victim at age 16 to someone well trusted a professional musician that was known by many. Reported to my mother but at the time she thought I made the story up for attention. I lived in a small community and didn't want to be in the news for anything that wasn't positive. In hindsight, he likely did it to others as his modus operandi was scary by itself. The fact that he didn't kill me in that secluded wooded area he carried me in his car was enough torture.

It was a stormy wet day and running from the car would've gotten me soaked and I wasn't that close to home. Today, as you say I would encourage everyone victimized to at least report and by ALL means get the rape kit because without that, Sis...you virtually have NOTHING!!!!

Honestly, the rapist does it because they can. Usually, they DO have a strong fan base (their freinds and family) who'll crucify you for calling the perpetrator's name, blaming the victim always. Jah, forbi it is her husband...that's something else...it's still forced and it is RAPE!

I have been wqrned about so many that it frightens be to attend shows that contain so much testosterone...perhaps bringing an equal balance of estrogen would change this, but seems like no one's listening. Ladies, yo must be the judge. If women aren't being booked, known male artists are getting named as "overly aggresive and forceful" what support do we really have should something happen? Think about it and make your choice. Sure, it's naive to play "Russian Roulette" with an artist alone in his room however, why do you blame the victim. I've never understood that frankly. Saying a performer is a virtual stranger is the biggest joke I've heard after reading all these promotional articles about the righteous "chosen" ones, the same ones....

Let's look to the causes it's such a joyous "men's club' where musicians are bragging about their conquests and the sisters are the "butt" of the joke... I once had a man make up a whole bunch of nonsense about me to my own brother and his girl because I WOULDN'T let him touch me!!! He spread my name around like peanut butter giving blow by blow details of me at his house. To this day, I do not know where nor have I ever been to his house.

I can overstand why it's not cool to post such accusations on a message board but with all the support these artists get, interview and tours from jail, massive airplay, etc... it's never going to change before it gets worse.

Although AB was pleasant and friendly evertime, his buddies trashed his dressing room backstage at Long Beach right in front of him and he never said anything which made me a bit concerned that he wasn't a little more conscious.

Sis, it doesn't matter if a woman goes to the hotel room or not. One of my friends (a musician) had to pull a well known artist off a girl he was raping in an alley. Since none are here to tell the story, I will not give anymore details except to say that the brother who warned me about the individual is an extremely conscious rasta and has painstakingly told the truth rather than lie and defend himself in the past so I have no reason not to believe him.

Without a rape kit...there's nothing.

Take the time, change history to herstory instead...do the right thing for the sake of your sisters who could be next...most rapists are serial.

It is wonderful to hear so many caring people here and such thoughtful reasoning despite a few "blame the victim" types. May Jah bring this reasoning forward and help us to open our eyes and ears when we hear warnings however, this does not make it any less of a crime.

"Break the Silence - Stop the Violence"

One Love,

Jah Ways,

Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 02:22AM
Give thanks Andee...good reasoning in this thread and some solid support by our male counterparts as well. Special blessings to Baba Ifalade, my good bredren from Houston.

Anna, I agree with most of what you say with this clarification.

You say:

"Sure, it's naive to play "Russian Roulette" with an artist alone in his room however, why do you blame the victim."

That is not blaming the victim, that is warning possible future victims.

Post Edited (04-11-06 04:20)

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 04:09AM
Just look at all fish on this line. Most all here are biting this hook line and sinker. Her first thread ever on this board and everyone sides with her. She has said nothing except that she had rough sex with him. Nowhere does she say rape, only pressured. No way for any one to defend themselves or prove themselves. This is a rumor. Anyone making judgment as many have is being played the fool. Its not like someone like jb or jameek who is on here everyday made this acusation. She posted this from a university of chicago comp.and she supplied only one side of he story which couldnt even get a conviction if he admitted to her story. Rape is serious and so are accusations without proof or merit.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 05:58AM
First thread or not, does not change her feelings or the feelings of those who've felt unprotected in past incidences. I agree that nothing could or should be carried forth regarding someone's inappropriate behaviors unless you're willing to press charges and even then, the perpetrator remains innocent until PROVEN guilty. Only Jah knows what really happened and truth or no truth it is most definitely a precautionary tale regardless.
Expect the best, prepare for the worst.

One Love,
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 06:45AM
Give thanks for honest discussion and insight.

"Watch our sisters and pick our brothers up."
This degrading experience is in the past, and I would like to clarify I was sending this out to women, my sistren, as an eye-opener in these serious times. . . It was not a call for judge and jury, just from the heart. . . the sad fact I've grown accustomed to being objectified and used by men in this here babylon, who manipulate my will, lie, & objectify me. . . this is part of the healing.

I probably wouldn't call it rape since I've experienced sexual abuse from adolesence . . . and can dissassociate. "Whores" are often women who experienced some initial violation, whose cues on boundaries and love were initially destablized, and get preyed on by men who use and abuse women.

I have had a lot of healing and direction in my life from reggae music. Wanted to give a heads up to my sistren on what can happen when your guard is down and you're feeling vunerable . . . serious consequences. . .on serious matters.


Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 08:01AM
Well said alt doll.. I feel very bad about this experience you have had with the individual if it is indeed true,, however,, Men are men and we are not all the same,, which means we are not all good Neither we are not all bad,, In fact,, we are all different in our own ways.. weather we are rasta, jew, christian, or whatever.. (I am not giving women all the credit either,, Some men are easily influenced or Misled by words and actions)
Having said that ,, i must strongly point out to you all that this has NOTHING to do with Reggae Music. But merely and Individual..


Basically anything is possible when it comes to the human mind or emothions.. the best man on earth or the best Woamn for that fact, can always turn out to be the worst or the one that make the greatest F--k up and not facing or admiting his or her Imperfection is just the first part of the entire F--k up... I was trying to read this entire forum or thread or whatever you might call it,, but it was so lengthy and also disturbing to me personally because of my affiliation in the industry but i just had to let whosoever is interested to know that Many are seen and not heard, and many are heard but not seen,, which in fact says a lot more than words or I can explain.. so if you take a deeep look within yourself and others you will see that no one is perfect and the unlikely is always possible and lerking in the DARK .. no matter who you are around,, you just never know untill it happens.. IF it does that is......... I am actually angry to hear what has transpired however,, it only reminds me that we live in a world where we sometimes see and blind.... and never know who the hippo's are.. ,,
In short,, the good will alway suffer for the bad because of History ..and that goes both ways.......If you were older and had a bit more mental strength this would never happened to you however I am nto justifying anything in this situation, Indeed I stongly am Bitter about it....
Hold you head up and move on...........
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 12:16PM
Threads like this always remind me that women live in a different world than men. We must always be cautious of our surroundings and think through the act of simple things like getting into your car at night in a dark parking lot. What might be considered benign experiences such as being in the house alone, remind us to lock our doors. The nagging fear of being on the road at night and wondering if your car is going to break down and what could happen to you if it does. I don't remember the statistics but it seems to be true that most women harmed are done so by someone they know. It makes me sad when I realize that I don't feel the same freedom in life as my husband. Of course, bad things happen to men, as well, but I don't think they live with the same kind of constant evaluation concerning safety as women do. And now, even the innocence of children causing them the neccesity to think beyond their typical naivite because of lurking dangers right outside their front door. I really believe we live in a world of survival of the smartist and unfortunately that means one must stay conscious and aware. Even when it comes to dreadlocked, Rastafari chanting performers, there are some (not all) wolves in sheeps clothing. It is not until the shearing of the coat that the truth shall reveal itself.

Altdoll says is succinctly. Give thanks to the sistren who is passing on solid advice.

"I have had a lot of healing and direction in my life from reggae music. Wanted to give a heads up to my sistren on what can happen when your guard is down and you're feeling vunerable . . . serious consequences. . .on serious matters."

May Jah guide and protect us all.

Post Edited (04-11-06 05:21)

"love shines brighter than the morning sun"
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 01:27PM
Bingy wrote: "Men are men and we are not all the same,, which means we are not all good Neither we are not all bad,, In fact,, we are all different in our own ways.."

Well, I'll put that words in another thread "Quote of the day" as I feel so enlightened and get way so better understanding of human nature now.

Thanks Bingy, you make my day.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 02:44PM
all these people say go to the authorities but wha they gonna do? ya go to jail alot longer for having some herb in ya pocket!
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 02:50PM
Sista I,

Women do live in a different world than men, we have our own fears and dreads, but they do not number like those that women face.
Re: women beware anthony b
April 11, 2006 03:24PM
" ya go to jail alot longer for having some herb in ya pocket!"

with all due respect, at least in California I've never heard of anyone spending jail time for posessing herb, unless it was clearly to sell. Might be different in other places across the US though, peace.

Dr. Suess (aka Ras James)
Irie Sounds International
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