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Favorite Lyrics (all genre)

Posted by Ninjacat 
Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 17, 2006 03:43PM
Like thoughts out the back of my mind
Going back in some time
Like when you used to cut and had to go to the back of the line
Look back and you find
Tracks that make you relax and recline
Now cats rap about packing a nine
When they lacking divine
Running out of topics of conversation
Well I drop it in the pocket because rocking's my occupation
I do it remarkably, spark up a leaf
And possibly you could follow me
Tap into your chi
Utilize your memory
To help you see clearly, then get back to me
Actually, nothing's new under the sun
So when life be stressing me
My remedy is 'bringing back sweet memories'
Like the faces that are woven in the fabric of my consciousness
>From cities where making 21's a big accomplishment
Like when my people understood their prominence
And my past life visions of the continent
Like the first time I saw KRS live, rockin' it
I heard Resurrection by Common Sense
Dominant in my psyche
I chose my direction like Spike Lee
To speak my life through mics, and I never take it lightly
It might be something you did to bring you down when you were high
But that karma's a bitch, you steady asking God why
Like when my parents first split up
Yo, I was illin'
Seems like some years they was together for the sake of the children
And I love them for that
I don't know if they saw that
So I'ma say it, and convey it when the world play it

Memories Live-Talib Kweli
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 17, 2006 03:45PM
These cats is no match, plus they lack a certain knack for rapping
They never catch the wagon like Re-run and "What's Happening"
Since back when they had potty issues and snotty tissues we been rockin
Think you poppin next year nobody will miss you
My thoughts is too advanced for the artists on these labels
They come sweeter than sabal and softer than mashed potatoes
I tried to told you the rhymes run over emcees like Land Rovers
Took 'em back in time like Sankofa, Sankofa

We stand over the Atlantic, looking broad like a man's shoulders
The fire is trapped in a belly, ready to pop like canned soda
We outlasting, from middle passage
Touched down in New York
Cincinnatay! Big Ohio status what you thought
Money it's classic these bastards try to treat us like cattle
So life has been a constant battle, battle
Rising above the crabs in the barrel
Way too used to living in death's shadow
We stay on point like the best arrow, arrow
We hit the target accurate
Star ****, back it up
When we hit town, y'all niggas pack it up
That's how we get down, straight smash it up
Like a whip, hydroplaning
Hydro on the brain and maintaining
Game changing into subtle ****, we remain blatant
Yo, got to tell you to your face
You get replaced in this game, by Kweli
Place the face with the name
These cats drink champagne and toast to death and pain
Like slaves on a ship talking about who got the flyest chain

Africa Dream-Talib Kweli
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 18, 2006 08:30PM
Si yo pudiera encontrar una cajita morada
Con cerraduras de plata y con candados de sal
Envolveria el amor lo arrumaria chiquito
y con un beso cualquiera te lo dejaba en el pecho

Tengo en el patio una flor que en las mananas le riego
y si dormido me quedo, agua le cae del cielo....

Agua que cae en tu labios para curar tus heridas
Agua que se habre a las puertas de su milenio perdido....
perdido..... perdido..... perdido.... perdido....

Quiero decirte quien soy, para que cepas que digo
Luz de guaslala y mi amor, cuando te quedas conmigo
Ahora va el clock al revez, tu para un lado y yo para arriba
Buena ventaja es saber, que lo comparto... contigo

Tengo en el patio una flor que en las mananas le riego
y si dormido me quedo, agua le cae del cielo....

Agua que cae en tus labios para curar tus heridas
Agua que se habre a las puertas de su milenio perdido
Agua que cubre la tierra de la que es duena la ninfa
Agua que mata y revive en el culito del ojo
Agua que corta mi lengua cuando me roza tu filo
Agua que cae en las flores cuando me muero....
cuando me muero... cuando me muero...
cuando me muero contigo.... contigo... contigo... contigo......

--PerroZompopo - Cuando Me Corta Tu Filo--
jb welda
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 18, 2006 09:11PM
well theres twenty thousand grandmas
wave their hankies in the air
burning up their pensions
and shouting "its not fair"

theres a regiment of soldiers
standing, looking on
and the queen is bravely shouting
"what the hell is going on?"

with a blood curdling "tally ho"
they charge into the ranks
and bless all those grandmas
who with their dying breath scream "thanks"

jigsaw puzzle jagger/richards

one love
jah bill
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 18, 2006 11:26PM
straight outta compton
is a brother that'll smother your mother
and make your sister think i love her

-eazy e's first lines on nwa's straight outta compton

Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 19, 2006 03:54AM
"ya musta done something that ya don't wan nobady ta know bout" Runnin away, RNM

"coma coma come, wi go reason now" Run Come, RNM
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 19, 2006 04:34AM
Well I grew up on the palms, I was raised by bikers.
Got a friend in Quenton another in Rykers.
At the age of 21 Rancid Punx, well I'm a lifer.
There will be an altercation if I tell ya I don't like ya.
Well I earned my stripes, juvenile detention centres.
Got love for my boys, thanx for all the letters.
Well some say I'm crazy well others think I'm bold.
But one thing I'll tell ya well I'm not untouchable.

-Switchblade- Lars Fredrickson & the Bastards
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 19, 2006 04:39AM
I ain't no joke I use to let the mic smoke
Now I slam it when I'm done and make sure it's broke
When i'm gone I wrote this song cuz I won't let
Nobody press up and mess up to seen I set
I like to stand in a crowd and watch the people wonder damn
Bu think about it then you'll understand
I'm just an addict addicted to music
Maybe it's a habit I gotta use it
Even if it's jazz or the quiet storm
I hook a beat up convert it in a hip-hop form
Write a rhyme in graffitti in every show you see me in
Deep concentration cuz I'm no comedian
Jokers are wild if you wanna be tame
I treat you like a child then you're gonna be named
Another enemy, not even a friend of me
Cuz you'll get fried in the end if you pretend to be
?Can be? cuz I just put your mind on pause
And I can beat you when you compare my rhyme wit yours
I wake you up and as I stare in your face you seem stun
Remember me, the one you got your idea from
But soon you start to suffer but you only get rougher
When you start to stutter that's when you had enuff of
Biting it, I make you choke, you can't provoke
You can't cope, you should of broke cuz I ain't no joke

I got a question, it's serious as cancer
Who can keep the average dancer
Hyper as a heart attack nobody smiling
Cuz you're expressing the rhyme that I'm styling
This is what we all sit down to write
You can't make it so you take it home, break it and bite
Use pieces and bits of all the hip-hop hits
Get the style down pack then it's time to ?swit?
Put my tape on pause and add some more to yours
Then you figure you're ready for the neighborhood chores
The E-M-C-E-E don't even try to be
When you come up to speak, don't even lie to me
You like to exaggerate, dream and imaginate
Then change the rhyme around, that can aggravate me
So when you see me come up, freeze
Or you'll be one of those 7 MC's
They think that I'm a new jack but only if they knew that
They who think wrong are they who can't do that
Style that I'm doing, they might ruin
Patterns of paragraphs based on you and
Your offbeat DJ, if anything he play
Sound familiar, I'll wait til E say
Play 'em, so I'ma have to dis and broke
You could get a smack for this, I ain't no joke

I hold the microphone like a grudge
B'll hold the record so the needle don't budge
I hold a conversation cuz when I invent
I nominated my DJ the presdient
When I'm see I'll, people freestyle, going steadily
So pucker up and whistle my melody
But whatever you do, don't miss one
They'll be another rough rhyme after this one
Before you know it, you're following and fiending
Waiting for the punchline to get the meaning
Like before the middle of my story I'm telling
Nobody beats the R so stop yelling
Save it, put it in your pocket for later
Cuz I'm moving the crowd and be a record fader
No interruptions and the mic is broke
When I'm gone, then you can joke
Cuz everything is real on a serious tip
Keep playing and I varies quick
And take you for a walk through hell
Feed your dome then watch your eyeballs swell
Guide you out of triple stage darkness
When it get dark again then I'ma spark this
Microphone cuz the heat is on, you see smoke
And I'm finish when the beat is gone, I'm no joke

-Follow The Leader- Eric. B & Rakim
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 19, 2006 01:51PM
The way some act in rap is kind of wack
and it lacks creativity and intelligence
but they don't care cause the company is sellin' it
It's my philosophy, on the industry
Don't bother dissin me, or even wish that we'd
soften, dilute, or commercialize all our lyrics
Cause it's about time one of y'all hear it
And hear it first-hand from the intelligent brown man
A vegetarian, no goat or ham
or chicken or turkey or hamburger
'cause to me that's suicide self-murder
let us get back to what we call hip hop
and what it meant to DJ Scott La Rock...

KRS ONE-My Philosophy
garden of delights
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 20, 2006 12:49AM

this is a really gorgeous song..
( some of the lyrics,I'm not sure about,if anyone knows please correct,thanks!)

If I were you- The Royals

If I were you,
I would not turn my back on Jah
I would give a thanks (?)
he gave me all the things
the most important life
I cannot be ungrateful
I just have to praise with love

when I look around me
I see a light
and when I stop to think (??)
I hear birds singing
I'm glad that I can see the light now

He gave me all the things
the most important kind/life
I cannot be ungrateful
I just have to praise with love

(repeat 2 and 3)

Praise with love
You've just got to praise with love
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 20, 2006 01:03AM
good post garden - that is a serious tune, i love devotional reggae! sometimes the simpler the better...
you inspired me to post the lyrics to another royals tune - only jah knows

only jah knows how i feel
and no one else knows
but i and i, im glad to say im feeling alright
im feeling alright

jah jah gave all he can
just to make me happy and strong
in this life im feeling alright
feeling alright

but im so glad ive got the strength
just to pass on this joy
in this life im feeling alright
feeling alright

Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 20, 2006 04:18AM
if you get confused, listen to the music play.

grateful dead
franklin's tower
jerry garcia/robert hunter

too many. but off the top of my head this was first.
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 20, 2006 04:30AM
green acres is the place to be, farm livin' is the life for me...
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 20, 2006 02:46PM
Yo, sometimes the road to the truth is, so elusive it's confusin
And reality becomes illusion
If I showed the masses where we was at or where we was goin
I'd shatter the social balance of the world as we know it
I'm talkin bout the grand deception, of 1947
When our souls were sold to the heavens
for technologically advanced weapons
Crystal enhanced, brain implants, and mind control methods
MJ-12 is not majestic
And the focal point of our problems on this planet are not domestic
You can accept it or be stupid and be a skeptic
and fail to recognize the secret society's deathwish
Ninety-seven percent of our Presidents were Masons
Responsible for launderin trillions of dollars from the nation
for the construction of underground military installations
Abductions and cattle mutilations
Experiments on human patients
can take place in several subterranean bases
A hundred and fifty stories below a basement
With knowledge of genetic information, you need to fear science not Satan
Cause through the manipulation of certain biological agents
they create strange creations
Top secret special operations
Low frequency sounds and lasers, people like Carl Sagan
that didn't believe in the Drake equation
were tryin to keep Western civilization on the need-to-know basis
Well you need to know that this is a game
and we're bein betrayed and played in the worst way

Tune in to channel zero (8X)

Yo, the holy script from Genesis 1-26
says, "Let us make man in our image under our likeness"
First of all who's THEY? You see if God
was truly a single entity that's not what he would say
We as the Elohim, Gods and Goddesses
posess a marvelously monsterous subconscious
Lifeforms that speak, in very high pitched sounds and squeaks
Short staccato clicks and beeps
A highly advanced form of speech
Even though to us it seems like they only chatterin they teeth
They used to swim deep in the oceans beneath
Til they fins transformed into limbs and they started to creep
Then they evolved into mammals with feet
And walked right from the shorelines onto the beach
They used gravity, cause it's actually the only force around
that could slow time and the speed of light down
The energy grid network, opened the gateway from Earth
to any point in the universe
Livin organisms and various, geomagnetic gravitational, anomaly areas
Space expedition teams in the lunar regions
reported seein, decapyramids and tetrahedrons
Liquid filled shoes, is what they used
to walk across the moon without leavin a clue
of where they been for the past twenty-three billion years
Before life on the surface even appeared
I hope you become aware what I'm spittin in your ear
was intended to stimulate your left-brain's hemisphere
I know it sounds weird, all these motherfuckin answers
and questions to the grand deception

Canibus-Channel Zero
garden of delights
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 21, 2006 12:31AM
Thanx, Don Julio, really like the Royals- I also really love the devotional genre-my favorite, I'd have to say-takes you to the heart
this song also has a really,really good baseline.
Praise the name of Jah
Johnny Clarke

Ah yeah, whoa yeah
It's coming up,
coming up, surely
it's coming up,
coming up shortly, now
Jah love
yes, never go in vain
Jah love is in me deeply, yeh now
physically, it got me movin
spiritually, it got me groovin
Jah love
never go in vain
jah love is in me deeply
whoa yeah, now
whoa yeah
for when it comes spiritually-
-you don't run away
for when it comes physically
there is no time,
for you,
to be late
it's coming up,
coming up,surely
it's coming up, coming up shortly, now..
garden of delights
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 21, 2006 12:43AM
I like the lyrics to this because they're so evocative- makes really see the scene- verdant hills, waist high weeds-the kids running cross...

Man In The Hills
Burning Spear-W. Rodney

Come along my brother, come along
Let us dp the thing we suppose to do for our mother.
Come along my sisters, come along too.
And if we should live up in-da in-da in-da in-da in-da in-da

Live up in-da (And if we should live up inthe hills)
And if we should live up in the hills (And if we should live up inthe hills)
Live up in the hills, the hills
(And if we should live up in the hills)

My brother go to the river,
To carry the water-a
The water
My sister wash up the dishes,
She even go to the shop,
Bring in the groceries,

When my smaller brother run around
and pick up the bramble to keep the fire blazing
To keep mama fire burning
Blazing fire fire

(And if we should live up in the hills)
And if we should live up in the hills
(And if we should live up in the hills)

My mother hard at work,
Work my mother for the children,
My mother hard at work,
Work my mother for the children,
My daddy is gone way over, far over,
Working up the cultivation
Coming with food Daddy
Coming Daddy come come with food, come.....

(And if we should live up in the hills)


I also always liked and really,really felt the lyrics of Black Woman-Judy Mowat
Re: Favorite Lyrics (all genre)
April 21, 2006 02:38PM
The day begins, with a grin
And a prayer to excuse my sins
I can walk anywhere I choose
Cause everybody listens to the B.D.P. crew
We're not here for glamour or fashion
But here's the question I'm askin
Why is it young black kids taught {flashin?}
They're only taught how to read, write, and act
It's like teachin a dog to be a cat
You don't teach white kids to be black
Why is that? Is it because we're the minority?
Well black kids follow me
Genesis chapter eleven verse ten
Explains the geneology of Chem
Chem was a black man, in Africa
If you repeat this fact they can't laugh at ya
Genesis fourteen verse thirteen
Abraham steps on the scene
Being a descendent of Chem which is a fact
Means, Abraham too was black
Abraham born in the city of a black man
Called Nimrod grandson of Kam
Kam had four sons, one was named Canaan
Here, let me do some explaining
Abraham was the father of Isaac
Isaac was the father of Jacob
Jacob had twelve sons, for real
And these, were the children of Isreal
According to Genesis chapter ten
Egyptains descended from {Hahm,Kam}
Six hundred years later, my brother, read up
Moses was born in Egypt
In this era black Egyptians weren't right
They enslaved black Isrealites
Moses had to be of the black race
Because he spent fourty years in Pharoah's place
He passed as the Pharoah's grandson
So he had to look just like him
Yes my brothers and sisters take this here song
Yo, correct the wrong
The information we get today is just wack
But ask yourself, why is that?
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